If you’ve not already been made aware, this week’s all new episode of Mythbusters will feature a segment dealing with hypnosis. The intrepid band of crusaders will explore the validity of four “classic hypnosis hypotheses”.

Now. Are you ready for the good part?

Yes mind control fans, your dreams have been answered. While Adams & Jamie explore the possibility of screaming a raging inferno into submission, the B-team will be handling the hypnosis investigation. Those of you who have seen the show are already scrambling to set your Tivo’s, those of you who haven’t, let me help you out here. It would seem that the show’s ridiculously smart/hot Kari Byron might just be doing some submitting of her own. There’s no official word on whether or not she or any of the other cast members will actually be placed in trance during the show. However, given that she willingly subjected herself to water torture in episode 25, I’ll bet my secret stash of illegal mind control technology she’s going under.

Will the Mythbusters find a way use hypnosis to meet their weekly explosion quota? Will the smartest woman to ever grace FHM become a willing hypnotic plaything? Will somebody auction her trigger phrase on eBay?

Find out, when Voice Flame Extinguisher airs at 9 pm Wednesday, April 11th on the Discovery Channel.

Until then.

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