I’ve been pretty up-front about the fact that what really got me interested in doing mc photo manips was actually mind control erotica. Don’t get me wrong, I was an avid visitor of PrivatePages and loved the work there, but it was the writings from The Archive that really inspired me to want to do something creative with my fetish.

So, it was with a great sense of ironic delight that I received an email recently from an mc author who told me that they had written a story based on one of my images!

VoyerThe pic in question was from a speed-manipping session back in 2009. At the time, I had an idea of a storyline for a caption, but wasn’t really inspired enough to write anything. So I posted the image, along with my thoughts, and that was that.

Until an email dropped into my inbox from Mampang informing me that this manip, in particular, had really struck a chord. So much so, that they had written an entire story and would I be interested in having a look?

Now, I’m not one to shy away from long-captions, but I must tell you that reading this story really illustrated for me the difference between what I do and what an author does. Far from just laying out the scene from the image, Mampang breathed life into three wonderful characters and a delicious bit of drama along with some oh-so-spicy erotic flare!

Mampang pays off on the erotic promise of that image and then some; living in the character’s head moment-by-moment, exploring the struggle within as one part of the mind wants to give into the part that’s already given up…its the sort of stuff that I love in mc erotica. And, for the record, there’s a bit of business in there that, if I can find a suitable image, I will be ripping off paying homage to just as soon as I can!

So, enough teasing. Voyer was recently posted to The EMCSA and is available now! Please give it a read, as it is an excellent tale, and pass along your thoughts to its very-talented author!

Lastly, I’d like to thank Mampang and just say what a great feeling it is to think that something I created, in turn, inspired someone else’s art.

It really made my day.


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    That was a really good story. As a fan of both MC pics/manips and MC stories, it’s awesome to see this sort of thing come full circle.

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    Mampang is a fine writer.

    Some of your long captions are great little stories in themselves. I’ve always particularly liked Stakeout and Limo Game and Makeover.

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