Welcome back true believers!

This is a day I’ve really been looking forward to. After 20 episodes of the The Black Room podcast, today, Madam Kistulot and I get to devote an entire episode to one of our favorite artists and her brilliant art.

Possibly the most talented 3D artist in the erotic mind control scene, Uzobono has distinguished herself not just with her mastery of Poser but also with her keen sense of visual storytelling. Her 3D comics feature a depth of narrative and sophistication of aesthetic that remains in a class of its own.

In The Black Room #21, we spend over an hour listening to this master-of-her-medium talk about her influences, her background and her incomparable work. Madam Kistulot and I are very pleased to bring you our interview with 3D artist and writer extraordinaire: Uzobono!

The Black Room – Episode 021

We spend this entire episode interviewing one of our favorite artists ever: the legendary and prolific Poser artist Uzobono! We chat about her tremendous erotic mind control comics The Division as well as her ongoing comic-collaboration with Tabico: CORE! Note that the audio version of the show has been truncated slightly. Due to some technical problems, two of Uzobono's answers are very difficult to make out so they've been cut from the audio file. The YouTube video has the full interview with all the chat transcribed. Just turn on subtitles to read along through those difficult-to-understand sections.


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    any updates on the horizon?

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    truly you don’t need full updates… just a note every now and then reminding us you’re still out there. Black rooms are great but if that feels like too much work then just type out a few sentences about what the future holds.

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      Wayne C

      I Concur with Bob…Just a Few..As of the 29th of this month,it WILL be 5 months since THIS Post WAS posted..It`d be appreciated if we could hear from you once in a while,even if it`s a few sentences,every month,just Letting US Know HOW you are,you know? HECK,I`m starting to get WORRIED about You! SO,just let us know,once in a great while,HOW you are,@ Least!! Ty for hearing me out!

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