I received an interesting email recently. A hypnotic domme called Mistress Love messaged me to inquire about basing one of her audio files on my manip, Tera Bot. She said she liked the story and wanted to re-tell it from a first-person perspective, with some tweaks of her own.

I told her that sounded like fun and that I was eager to hear the audio once she’d completed it. Well, Love works fast, as it turns out, because it was hardly a day later when she was kind enough to let me have a listen.

I won’t spoil anything too greatly, but the premise of the file is essentially the same as my story. In this case, the listener steps into the shoes of a person lucky enough to have their own Love-Bot. A Love-Bot that knows about your submissive fantasies and is programmed to bring those fantasies to life.

Love has a very lovely voice (see what I did there?) and it was so enjoyable to hear her use it to tell her version of this story and to bring some of the dialog I’d written to life. Very fun.

So, if you’d like to hear this mp3 for yourself, she currently has it for sale on her site, along with a free sample, which you can find here. A few items of note: the file is gender neutral so its sexy fun for guys or gals and there are some light suggestions related to being submissive to Mistress Love and purchasing items for her from her Amazon wish-list.

I just want to thank Love for sending that note, it was a very fun experience to see her bring this project to fruition.

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