After a couple months of pondering and a few weeks of actually planning, I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel, watching the door that thrall is going to walk through in a few minutes. I’m nervous. Though my ‘real’ personality peaks through here and there, Callidus is a more reserved version of who I am. thrall has been friends with Callidus, online, for years but now we’re talking about *** and *** being friends, live and in-person; and that’s got me a little worried.

I’ve tried to prepare her for this in the emails we’ve been sending back and forth in the weeks leading up to today; letting more and more of the mask fall away so that she’s not taken aback by how… un-reserved I tend to be as me. But still, I’m worried that she and I won’t get along as well as she and Callidus do.

I look up and she’s walking across the lobby towards me with this big grin on her face and I start chuckling uncontrollably and I know in an instant that I’m worried for nothing.

She goes for the handshake and I go for the hug. I’m kicking myself already; presumptive asshole. Fuck it. This is who I am; I hug my friends; she’s getting a hug. My wife joins us and I introduce them to each other. We sit down and start a conversation that’s going to run for the next eleven hours.

We start off not really talking about ourselves, but other people; friends and acquaintances we have in common from the EMC community. The engimatic tribly else, the effervescent Lady K, the inimitable WinterRose, and the brilliant Tabico. Its probably not a coincidence at all that our circles of friends overlap, given how many other things between us do.

Over the course of the day, we talked about a lot of different things but I think we were both anxious to talk EMC. Personally, I’ve never really had the chance to discuss my fetish, in-person, with another individual who shares it…ever. It was so fun to be able to talk with thrall about the celebrities we suspect of sharing our fetish, where we think our EMC urges developed in our lives, and to share some of our favorite EMC movie-moments with each other.

Sitting with thrall, at her computer, trolling YouTube so I could introduce her to the amazing-EMC-in-an-incredibly-bad-movie scene with Uma Thurman from The Avengers really put the day in perspective for me. The time we spent together was really no different than when I hang out with my usual group of friends. We went shopping, trolled a comic book shop, watched videos on the internet, etc. The difference is that this is the first day for me, so far, where I’ve been able to share everything that I’m passionate about without fear of making anyone else (or myself) uncomfortable. This is the first time I’ve had a conversation that rapidly shifted gears from Tolkien mythos, to tentacle porn in-jokes, to what actresses have the best trance-faces.

And it was awesome!

Only one of my in-person friends (and my wife, of course) knows about this site and my fetish. I’ve talked to both of them about EMC-related things, and its great to have that outlet, but its not nearly as fun as having another person, who’s just as kinked over the same things you are, to go back-and-forth with. It was a really fun day and I would like to thank thrall for making us feel so welcome and also for putting this whole event into motion by being bold enough to suggest meeting in the first place.

I strongly suspect, it will not be the last time.


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    I’m very happy for you both that this meeting worked out as well as it did. I’ve had very few opportunities to meet the hypnodommes I encounter on the internet. Some of these meetings have been good, some not so good; but I’ve never had such a wonderful day as you did with someone who understands so much about what makes you tick.

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    What a great post! And I ditto every bit of it. Please don’t feel bad about going for the hug – I was just as unsure about going for the handshake. 😉 And of course, all three of us hugged at the end of the day.

    It was jut all-around a blast.

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    Lady K

    I’m effervescent? Aww, that’s so sweet! Thanks! I’m super chuffed you two hit it off so well. 😀

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    Ha, I’m glad you liked it!

    At first I was going to go for this whole alliteration thing, but that broke down quickly. Still, I think it worked out okay for you 🙂

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