A woman visits backstage at a hypnotist's show.
Published on September 14, 2022
 - Featuring Unknown Model

Kayla stood in the center of the room. Letting the hypnotist drink in the sight of her body wrapped in sensuous black latex.

“Mmmmm. Your outfit is delicious, my dear.” The woman’s smokey voice was like honey-tinged whiskey. Smooth and strong. “I’m curious what your friends thought of you wearing this to see my show tonight?”

“I came alone this time, Madame.” Kayla gazed straight ahead. At the dark TV screen where the hypnotist had suggested her eyes were trapped.

“Is that right? I gave you the suggestion on the very first night to come back without them. But it took you four times to finally give into that one.” She smiled as she moved behind Kayla and fiddled with a laptop on her dressing table. “You wanted to follow my instructions sooooo badly, didn’t you?”

“Y-yes Madam.” Kayla whispered.

“But I think you sensed where this was all going. Just where I might lead your mind once I had you all to myself. And that frightened you didn’t it?”

“Yessss Madam.”

“Yet, here you are.” The hypnotist chuckled. “What are you plans for the weekend?”

“None, Madam.”

“Mmmmm perfect, my dear. That tells me two things that make me very happy. Firstly, that you know exactly where this is headed and you consent to everything that I’m going to do with you over the next several days. Is that right?”

Kayla’s legs shook as molten arousal thundered through her body. “Y-yessss. Oh god, yes, Madam.”

“And second, that you’re not going to resist me at all. You’ve tried that already. Coming back a second and third time with friends you knew would keep you safe. Knew that they wouldn’t let you stay long enough for me to do what we both know you need me to do. Isn’t that so?”

Kayla moaned and nodded. Her own voice sounding raw and husky in the small dressing room. “Yes Madam!”

“Good, dear. Good. Then let’s not waste any more time.” She clicked something on her laptop and the room’s lighting changed. The soft amber glow was replaced by a kaleidoscope of colors from the smart bulbs in the fixture above.

The throbbing glow danced on the walls before Kayla’s eyes. The TV switched on, showing a spiral twisting lazily in on itself. Kayla groaned and fell into it.

“Now, Kayla, you’re still completely entranced from my earlier show. Your mind is utterly in my power. In fact, you realize now, your mind hasn’t been under your control since that first night you and your friends wandered into my show and you felt the pull of my words drawing you deep. Deep into my hypnotic trance. You’re as helpless to resist my commands as you have been since that first moment that you tasted my power. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes Madam, yes!”

“I’m going to give you two suggestions to start with. You will follow both of them. Because you know they will both lead to obedience. And, you already know, from the brief moments we’ve spent together in this room, what obedience is. Don’t you, dear?”

“Obedience is pleasure, Madam.” Kayla recited without hesitation.

The hypnotist giggled like a purring cat. “Very good, my dear. Here is your first suggestion: your clit is now in the tip of your tongue. Run your tongue along the back of your teeth now, dear.”

Kayla obeyed and felt her body shudder in pleasure. It felt perfect. Better than anything her box of toys at home had ever coaxed from her slick flesh.

“It’s quite overwhelming isn’t it, dear?”

“Y-yesssss Madam!”

“Now, dear. I want you to rub your clit with your fingers while I give you the second suggestion.”

Kayla’s tongue obediently emerged from her mouth and her leather gloved fingers began to masturbate her new tongue-clit with firm, circling strokes. She gasped and fought to remain standing as electric lust coursed through her brain.

“The second suggestion, which is the one you’ve been so eager and afraid of, is this: every suggestion I give you tonight will become the truth in your wet and wanton subconscious. Every suggestion will become the truth as soon as I speak it. Every suggestion will become true and increase your pleasure tenfold as you rub your clit and accept my words.”

“Oh gahd,” Kyala moaned around her circling fingers.

“You know that this will trap you forever in my power. You know that you will never escape the pleasure of obedience to me. And, you know that this is exactly what you wanted from the very first moment you heard my hypnotic voice. You know that is why you came back again and again to experience my show and my irresistible hypnotic trance. And, you know that is why you came here tonight, dressed in black latex and eager to fall under my spell with no one to save you. Isn’t that so?”

Kayla felt something in her mind. Like some phantom weight on her shoulders, bearing down on her whole being. She could sense within it, her old life. Her job, her friends, her pointless hobbies and pursuits. They had all meant so much to her. But that was before.

Before she’d spent several weeks masturbating every waking moment while thinking about the alluring Madam. Before she’d come back to the show a second time and secretly recorded the audio with her phone. Before she’d listened to it on repeat through her every waking moment while she’d touched herself. Before she’d come back a third time and begged Madam, in this very dressing room, to plunge her into trance and erase every part of Kayla that wasn’t a willing hypnotic slave.

Her tongue tensed and pressed forward into her questing fingers. “Yes Madam.”

The hypnotist smiled. Erasing ‘Kayla’ would be quick work. And, that left, the whole weekend to enjoy the new thrall she would create. Madam took a deep breath and got to work.

Director's Commentary

This sensuous image has been in my raw material folder for quite some time. I love everything about the source image and changed very little other than the obvious animated goodies. It took two attempts to write the story for this image. My original pass started to run quite long and I decided that the idea was too fun to try and limit to a few hundred words. That idea is probably going to go into a future text-only long form story.

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