On the Record

An intrepid reporter calls a local club owner to discuss rumors surrounding their establishment.
Published on September 14, 2022
 - Featuring Barbara Perez
 - Original Media Source: dreamtranny.com


Yes, that’s me. Who’s calling?

Barbara Perez? I think I’ve heard of you. Didn’t you do the investigative report on that awful man who turned his secretarial placement agency into a sex cult?

Yes that’s the one. That was good reporting. I’ve enjoyed watching that several times. So, why are you calling me?

Yes, I do remember you saying that you thought going through his emails and messages might lead to follow up reporting.

Me?! That’s preposterous, my dear. I have nothing to do with that sort of thing.

Who told you that?

Well it’s the furthest thing from the truth, I can assure you. ‘Enigma’ is simply an upscale over 21 club with a unique variety of interactive experiences.

Well, we have puzzle boxes at the tables where guest can win free drinks and the like, an assortment of escape rooms –with a 5-star average rating on Yelp by the way– and our mobile app with daily puzzles for the guests who just can’t get enough of what we have to offer.

“Let us trap your mind,” is just an evocative tag line. I didn’t even write that, it was the ad agency.

Well that’s just not true. Yes, you can quote me: Club Enigma does not have a secret club-within-a-club where we turn guests into sex zombies to be ravished by a rich coven of sexual deviants.

Look, why don’t you come down and I’ll give you a tour and we can talk? I’m sure we can straighten this out.

Yes, this would be on the record. Would this afternoon be convenient? No prior engagements? No one who might miss you if it takes a bit longer?

Certainly, please bring your camera woman along.

Perfect. I’ll see you then.

Well Ms. Perez, I suppose the only consolation is that you wouldn’t be in this situation if you weren’t such a good reporter. Looks like you’ve enjoyed learning about Club Enigma’s secret menu of fantasy experiences.

Hee hee, of course you can have some more! Perhaps you’d like to visit the glory holes? Your camera woman is turning out to be quite the starlet down there.

Mmmm I’ll show you there myself in just a moment. But first, you never answered my question during our phone call.

Exactly who told you about me?

Mmmm, as I suspected. That’s a good slave. Now, time for your reward…

Director's Commentary

This piece was directly inspired by a host of illustrations at the hypnohub. Despite most of them not being animated, the amazing artists whose work is showcased there manage to convey so much passion, movement and eroticism with their images that I couldn’t help but throw my hat in the ring.

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