Published on September 1, 2014
 - Featuring Milla Jovovich

Director's Commentary

A big tip of the hat to Tabico whose Rouge was playing through my mind as I worked on this. The image is just so unique: the pose, the costuming, and Milla’s expressions just couldn’t have been more perfect. Terrific fun.


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    Just amazing. You’re awfully consistent that way.

    One thing that occurred to me, upon noting the optical illusion created by the spiral that her face was moving… would it work to dilate her irises over the course of 4 or 5 cycles? The problem, of course, is that the image eventually resets. Of course, splicing in a few cycles of dilation at the beginning and then cycling on the dilated form. Makes the whole presentation a lot harder. Hm.

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    That’s a good suggestion and I have played with that idea in the past. I think it worked to great effect in Collared. However, in this specific case, I think the animation is too quick for the effect to have maximum impact.

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