Published on November 27, 2012
 - Featuring Audrey Bitoni , Madison Ivy

Director's Commentary

I would’ve loved to have more images from this photo set and created a small series but, as single pics go, this image does just about everything I could ask for in the way of setting up the situation as well as the immediate conflict.


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    Joe Mama

    Holy moly that’s good! You’re on quite a roll these days, *many* thanks for all this new great work!!

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    great stuff, very hot!

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    Very hot, Callidus, and lots of fun. I love the picture/manip, the scene set-up, and the nature of the dialogue, in general. That said, it’s very difficult to read with its current font, point size, and color… at least for me. Also, and sorry (and hoping you don’t mind some critique, as opposed to just support), it could really use a serious edit, as there are at least a dozen errors in the text at the moment.

    So, tons of goodness here, but a few struggles for me that could be easily changed or fixed, if desired.


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    I feel like a dick saying this, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s up to your usual standards.

    The spiral within the goggles looks like it’s swirling too slowly when compared to how quickly it’s pulsing images. The only thing I can think of is maybe slowing down how often it puts an image into the mix, but I’ve no idea if that would actually have the proper effect.

    The wires from the box also look too low-res for the rest of the picture. I think it’s the shadows, but even when they don’t have them they still look out of focus in comparison to the rest of the image. Something subtle on the nipple boxes to show they’re working would also help make it more engaging.

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