Two witches believe they've taken the necessary precautions to summon a Succubi
Published on March 14, 2014

The two aspiring witches writhed on their knees as the succubus laughed, the damp spot of carpet each girl was kneeling in slowly growing into a large wet spot that encompassed all three quivering bodies. Jennifer and Alexis had spent a month researching how to summon the lust-demon and the various methods of protection they’d need; their kind were notorious for turning the tables on experienced practitioners and enslaving them.

Firstly, they’d decided to conjure a female entity. Since the ritual required lust, they’d be keeping themselves aroused, but denying themselves release, for a fortnight before the summoning. As horny as they had to be to complete the incantation, they probably wouldn’t stand a chance if a dark, muscular sex-god, and the huge, luscious cock that would likely accompany him, stepped through the gate.

So, with their living room staged, they invoked and incanted and reached across the abyss and drew a sex-goddess through the gate and into the mortal world.

Jennifer was the first to succumb. Although girls did nothing for her…breasts were a very different matter. Especially, round, natural ohmygod-they’re-huge breasts. The veil of protection that enclosed the circle prevented them from hearing the succubus. She tried speaking at first, then she seemed to be singing, then she started dancing. Her voluptuous body writhing sensuously in the middle of their small apartment.

Alexis thought is was absurdly funny until Jennifer stepped through the veil and dropped to her knees. The demon smiled and kept dancing, her breasts swinging hypnotically as she swayed in front of the mesmerized witch. Alexis, tore open their spell book and began reciting a banishment spell…then the succubus guided Jennifer’s head to her nipple and filled her mouth with its milk.

Alexis’ mouth hung open, the spell forgotten, as Jennifer stood, left the circle, and approached her. “Deer in headlights” flashed through her mind a moment before Jennifer pulled her head in and kissed her, filling her mouth with the demon’s milk. Jennifer led Alexis into the circle and the succubus commanded them to kneel. Jennifer was soon lost in the demon’s breasts. A moment later, the demon’s tail encircled Alexis’ neck and pulled her forward into her Goddess’ nexus. She extended her tongue and accepted her fate…

Director's Commentary

As happens quite often with my stuff, the idea for this popped into my head the moment I saw the image and has been sitting there waiting ever since. I’ve had the image stashed for ages and I suppose was just waiting for a rainy day to actually put it together. Succubus manips are always very fun and this one was no exception, I love everything about the pose of the models, the fact that you can just see eye frantically (I imagine) moving as the subject is drowning in delicious girl-flesh. Plus, I’ve wanted to do a manip with Gianna Michaels for ages, so that’s another one checked off the bucket list. I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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