Treatment Program

A woman calls a phone-sex Domme who knows exactly what she needs
Published on June 3, 2016
 - Featuring Chloe Vevrier

Becky wailed on the edge of an orgasm that Mistress Chloe wasn’t going to give her. Her fingers were a blur over her aching sex; coaxing forth juicy lust as she watched helplessly while Mistress teased her breasts on the webcam. Mistress Chloe had forged an unbreakable collar inside of Rebecca’s mind and Mistress’ enormous, perfectly-perfect tits were the leash it was attached to.

During their first phone conversation, Becky had told “Dr Chloe” that she was ’a straight girl who was fascinated by huge breasts.’ Becky had toyed with her throbbing nipples as she’d confessed. It was a phone sex line for Sex Therapy Role Play. Rebecca was pretty certain the actual person she was talking to wasn’t the voluptuous temptress pictured from the neck down in the listing. But, after drooling over the luscious curves for several long minutes, she was quivering for some of Dr Chloe’s special treatment.

To Becky’s dismay, the unethical sex-doctor-of-her-fantasies did not end up doing a lurid strip tease in her office before seducing Rebecca on the large, white and fictitious leather couch. Instead, the session had gone quite normally. Dr Chloe had her answer a long list of clinical questions, asked her to describe some of her formative sexual experiences, and made some observations that felt like actual therapeutic insight. There were several points where Becky quite tuned out.

The only sexual thrill came just before they hung up. The Doctor had instructed Becky with a sudden edge of authority, “No touching between now and our next session.” It left Becky horny and conflicted. She loved the surge of arousal she felt at the other woman taking charge of her masturbation. But, frustratingly, the command was -no- masturbation.

Rebecca had no intention of complying, since she wasn’t planning on ever calling up Dr Chloe for another session of not-phone-sex. That night, she fantasized about the call as she wished it had gone and came spectacularly.

It was several days later when she got a private message from Dr Chloe with the subject line “Have you been tempted…” She opened the PM and discovered the rest of the question, “…to disobey The Doctor’s Orders?” Then a picture loaded in beneath the text. A low-angle shot of the same shapely goddess from the listing. Hands pulling her white blouse wide to reveal a deep valley of mouth-watering cleavage.

The message ended with a URL and a final instruction, “Get your webcam setup and click here to begin intensive, hands-on treatment.” Becky rushed to the electronics store in a pink fog of arousal.

A half-hour later, hands trembling, she plugged in the camera, loaded the software, and clicked the link. A pretty woman with thick rimmed glasses and a pointy chin appeared and asked Becky if she’d been following her treatment plan. Becky laughed nervously and admitted she’d been playing with herself daily since they last talked.

“That’s too bad Rebecca,” pouted Dr Chloe as she stood and revealed that she was, no doubt, the curvy sex-dream from her pictures. She pulled her white blouse away from her body too quickly for Rebecca to drink in the vision of her dark nipples pressed against the sheer fabric. Rebecca’s mouth dropped following a breathy, “Ohmygod” as Dr Chloe planted a foot and swayed her hips, slowly pulling up her black micro-skirt to reveal her stocking tops.

She leaned into the camera with lidded-eyes over an obscene O-shaped mouth. It was that glamour model face that always seemed to say, “You’d agree to anything to see me out of these clothes, wouldn’t you?” Rebecca, in fact, agreed to spend the whole session with her fingers interlaced behind her head. Since, she’d proven she couldn’t keep her hands off herself.

Before Dr Chloe would schedule another session, Becky had to agree to a month-long course of ‘therapy audio files,’ regular cam-sessions, and whatever else the Doctor prescribed to get Rebecca’s masturbation problem under control. Hands flexing in her hair, Becky had agreed to enter Chloe’s treatment program…

“Do you love me girl?” Mistress asked, smiling cruelly. ‘NOOooooooo!’ wailed some dark, cold corner of Becky’s mind. But, it was a faint echo in the part of her mind that mattered: where it was hot, throbbing, and utterly obedient to Mistress Chloe. She hissed through clenched teeth. “Answer me slut.” Mistress cooed. “You know how I like it when you obey with your mouth.” Becky groaned, Mistress’ filthy talk catching her off guard like a lover suddenly frenching her swollen clit.

“I love you Mistress!” she wailed, feeling humiliated and defeated. Her cunt flared, knowing that Chloe had trained her mind to get horny at both. Becky’s mind, it turned out, loved to be trained. “And, why do you love me?” Mistress asked, her eyes boring into Rebecca as her hands mercilessly squeezed her own succulent flesh. “Because…” Becky’s eyes were glued to the screen between her ankles, “Because you make my pussy feel soooooo good!”

Chloe groaned, a delicious, husky sound and one of her hands left her breast and snaked down, below the view of the camera. Rebecca burned with envy but knew her desperation would make Mistress cum. She circled her clit until it felt perfect, then she suddenly pulled her hands away, whimpering submissively, “Why Mistress? Why did I do that to my poor pussy when it wants to cum sooooo bad?” This time, -her- filthy talk took Chloe by surprise and pushed her over the edge, barking as she took the plunge.

Rebecca kneaded the flesh of her ass, luxuriating in the savage ache that throbbed inside her denied sex. When Mistress had caught her breath, she resumed massaging her breasts and using them to reprogram Becky’s mind.

Like any good treatment program, Rebecca gave herself over to it entirely.

Director's Commentary

A piece I enjoyed, first, for the challenge of turning a piece of video footage into a seamless loop and, second, for the unique opportunity to show the Hypno Domme as the person in the picture and the hypnotic victim on the laptop’s screen.

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