Yes What?

A Domme deals with a first-time client who has difficulty giving up control.
Published on July 16, 2020


“Whatever for?”

“I’m… the…”

“You’re the what?”

“I’m the… top!”

“Mmmmm you know what they say…”


“The bigger the top… the harder they bottom.”


“Do you like the music I sent you?”



“W-what? What I did just-“

“It was so accommodating of you to let me pick the music for our session. I appreciate you trying to make me feel more comfortable for my first time.”

“You… you tricked me…”

“Only a little. What I told you in our emails was true. I’ve never submitted to a woman before. And this music has made me ever so much more comfortable since I won’t be the one submitting today… or for the rest of her life.”

“Noooo! Please!”

“Mmmm I love your perfume. Its gonna smell delicious between my legs when I have your face down there later.”

“NoooOoooo… I’m… not like…”

“Like what?”


“Like a Domme who’s letting herself be petted by her client?”


“Because she’s just too turned on to stop herself?”


“Like a confused, horny girl?”


“A confused, horny girl who’s trying not to let her mind submit to me as quickly as her body has?”


“Because the longer she can keep her mind to herself…”


“… the better its going to feel when she finally cums her brains out all over my fingers.”


“The better its gonna addict her when I finally crack her mind and take her away from herself.”


“The harder her nipples are going to get when finally she feels my collar close on her neck.”

“Oh fuck, yes!”

“The weaker her legs are going to feel once I put her thoughts to sleep with my hypnotic control.”

“Yes, please!”

“The more natural her knees will feel on the floor beneath her when she goes down to worship my sex.”

“Yesssss oh, please! Oh please… yes!”

“Yes, what slut?”

“Yes… Goddess!”

Director's Commentary

Its been years since I saw a photo in my source material folder, had a flash of inspiration and ten minutes later was posting it to my site. As of late, I’ve found myself overthinking things and trying to find ways to make it better or longer or whatever.

A very nice change of pace for me!

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