Hi all!

Just checking in with the briefest of notes to let you all know I’ve just posted a new photo story to the Gallery!

A very short and sweet job this time. Fun black-and-white photo and a spicy bit of prose to go with it. A very fun (and unexpected) diversion for me this evening and I hope you as well!

See you next time!

Yes What?

A Domme deals with a first-time client who has difficulty giving up control.


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    Wayne C

    No offense,It has a nice SLIGHT HINT of Erotica and Hypno,Just not like..Decisive results,or Green Thoughts…But It`s ok…It was a Nice Short Story,But Not like the Two others….But nice..Hinty Story…Domme….Slightly hot,Hense the ok…Again,No offense Against You,Callidus!

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