This week: a reading recommendation for author connie k, updates on, spoiler-filled reaction to Uzobono & Tabicoโ€™s CORE #8, and hypno-rrific videos from Mind Control Theater and Plus, The Black Room is now on iTunes!

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Show Notes:
Single Sight by connie k
Orientation and Orientation Screen
CORE #8 Reflections by Uzobono & Tabico (Deviant Art link)
Mind Control Theater
Hypno-Domme Hierarchy by
The Black Room on iTunes


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    Not quite sure why, but I downloaded the second episode via iTunes, and it gets about 20 seconds in and then stops. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it without any change. It also happens whether I’m using iTunes on my computer or my iPod. Just figured I’d let you know, and I look forward to listening when I get a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thanks for the heads-up. I tried to listen to the show via iTunes and experienced the same problem. It should be fixed now though. Thank you again!

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    Cool stuff! Can’t wait for your next show.
    Really like your thoughts on the CORE work by Tabico and Uzobono. It’s the best work out there IMO.
    Can you do some material on the following sites work?:

    Also you take on Beyond Rubies, Dinarager and Domigulas series.

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    connie k

    Wow! Thank you Callidus.

    To be mentioned in the same breath as the great t. else … thank you, so very much.

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