Was Yoko Ono a Hypnodomme? Did she use Hypnosis to win John Lennon back after they’d been separated for over a year? I’ll share the story this episode along with terrific new mind control fetish stories from robotbrainhumanheart [A Night in Yellow Bird Bar and Sessions] as well as softi [Playing With Fire], plus a director’s commentary on my latest hypno-animation, Proxy.

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    Another good podcast. Enjoyed the section on Softi. Liked your proxy animation too., Thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts, and more with me and others.

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    Wow! Twice! I’m very honored and embarrassed that you would spend time on me again! Thank you!

    And, I would never expect to be included on a list with that set of authors you brought up. They are the ones that I look up to, and anything I produce is only in homage.

    I love Proxy. Great stuff!

    And, I have to agree, robotbrainhumanheart has written some really good stories. Be fun to see what’s next!

    I’m really enjoying these podcasts. Please keep them coming!

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    Wanted to say I catch the podcast weekly! The animation is sublime, as is all of your work. And thank you for sharing softi’s story, it was wonderful to read!

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    Appreciate the updates and recommendations. They’ve been helpful. Would love to know what the status is on your film.

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