Are you watching Marvel’s new mind-control Netflix series? This episode, I’ll discuss Marvel’s Jessica Jones, bring you my fan commentary for CORE issue #9, discuss the excellent EroticHypnosisGIFs tumblr, and share part 2 of my epic conversation with mind control author and aficionado Madam Kistulot!

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Show Notes:
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Erotic Hypnosis GIFs


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    Jean Marc OLIVE

    Bonne année and a very Happy New Year to you ! What a stroke of luck it was to come across your page, to begin with.
    I suppose you must be in your late forties / early fifties, rule of thumb reckoning from what I think I heard you say in your show about how old you were when doing this or that… I have just turned seventy, and I thank you for your show most whole-heartedly. No end of new paths opening at every turn in your neck of the woods, some flabbergasting new experience, I should say, rather, quite so, by Jove.

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      Merci beaucoup. Very happy to hear you enjoyed the show and thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. Happy new year to you as well!

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    Ron Bergundy

    When are you going to release your next video? Very excited for a new video!!!!

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    I’m happy that Jessica Jones was renewed and can’t wait for your thoughts on the next season! Your thoughts on the CORE comics are great to reflect on, especially since they align with some of my own. Your Madam Kistulot interview was also great to tune into and as a fan of Kistulot’s work for a while, its amazing to hear some of the thought processes such as the analysis of Bond that help shape other stories!

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