I’m glad that I did the extra leg work to include a poll widget on the site. I’ve considered doing it in the past but, for whatever reason, never actually made it happen.

As for the results of the very first poll, I asked which of my upcoming projects, you fine folks would be interested in seeing completed first. Although it was quite close in the early voting, by the end of the week, a clear winner had emerged: a little piece I’m currently calling Pleasure Professionals. I call it that because that’s what its called, strangely enough.

I don’t quite remember when this image found its way onto my hard drive but I had the foresight to put the title in the folder name for easy reference later. Back in the summer, I ran across the image and had a wonderful surge of inspiration: A woman is returning to her mind controller. She’s tried to keep herself away but she can’t and so she’s back. She knows when she leaves this time, the last of her resistance will have been erased…

Which I was perfectly happy with but, as it turns out, the source material itself dovetails quite nicely into that idea. The original Joybear erotic film is described as such:

Beneath the hustle and bustle of London exists a secret profession of “Executive Relief Consultants”. Professionals for hire to those who want a little bit more from their sex lives.

I thought that sounded quite marvelous as further backstory for my planned manip. So, I adapted (stole) the idea of an exclusive service only available to the wealthy, which caters to their every sexual whim. And, I thought it might be interesting to explore the trope of a high-powered professional who prefers a submissive role, sexually.

And what if, taking it a step further, the protagonist is a mind control fetishist? She can’t possibly reveal this information to just anyone. But, since the agency guarantees absolute confidentiality for their clients, perhaps she’s finally found a way to indulge her forbidden desire: to experience her mind being controlled by someone as stern and authoritative in the bedroom as she herself is in the boardroom.

So, that’s the premise I’m working from. Lately, I’ve been working here and there on a room beyond that shut door. It should serve as a fun way of seeing what sort of smexy fun our submissive CEO has been getting up to. More on that next time!

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