Hello again.

wip-teaseWell the past couple of weeks have been a jam packed sort of thing for me. However, I’m back at the keyboard this evening, catching up on email and doing a bit of animation work to boot. So, I thought I’d post an update on my recent activities for you all.

Firstly, I’ve finished a new animation this evening. Or at least the actual animation part. I came across the image recently and felt inspired so I went ahead and knocked out the graphic work.

The final version should be very fun, especially if you’re an enthusiast of girl-butt. Leg fans might be in good shape as well. I haven’t started writing anything yet though I have a few ideas on where to start things. Hopefully, I’ll have a little time to tackle that next week. In the meantime, enjoy this little tease:

I’m also preparing the next episode of The Black Room podcast and I’m hoping that will be out next week. That episode will feature the second and final part of my interview with the brilliant author Jukebox, a director’s commentary on my recent animation Treatment Program, and a few other recommendations for your web browser to blush over.

I mentioned last time that I had just recorded a very fun interview and that I’d elaborate a bit more. I had the pleasure of speaking with a very talented fetish producer and performer called Meana Wolf. Ms Wolf has a very popular Clips4Sale store and a healthy amount of her content has some erotic mind control flavor.

While she doesn’t consider herself an EMC fetishist, she has written about discovering her enjoyment for creating erotic hypnosis videos. Her clips feel like they come from outside of the EMC community. I don’t see the overt influence of the more popular or influential Hypnodommes the way I do in other videos of this sort.

Also, I love that not all over her videos aren’t strictly Domme-mind-controls-viewer fare. She’s done a couple where she mind controls another female performer that I found especially yummy. She also has done some peripheral subject matter like Succubi and Vampires.

I think what really sets her apart is her obvious talent as a writer and performer. She really enjoys what she’s doing and that passion shines through in her videos. I’d recommend checking her site out now and be on the lookout for our conversation later this month on the podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, I’ve been thinking recently about the release cycle and how frustrating it must be to get an episode then wait a month or five for the next show. I’ve been thinking about switching to a cycle similar to a series/season of a tv show. I would produce maybe ten complete episodes then release them over ten weeks. Then, the show would be on hiatus until the next ten were ready, and so forth.

I’d love to hear some feedback on this. As I’m frustrated by the infrequency of shows and I imagine listeners are as well. Perhaps this would be a better model for all concerned.

Well, that’s all for me. I’m off to enjoy the weekend. Hope its a fun time for all of you. See you next time!


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    Lucian Carter

    I like the idea of having seasons of the show. You might also consider making shows shorter and more frequent. I think that might work better than having shows over an hour long. I’d rather spend 1/2 an hour of my time on something that’s regular than an hour on something that’s so infrequent it’s easy to forget about it.

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    Is there a way to join your site or is it open. By the way, outstanding material and you’re on the brink of leading the MC world. You need to make more movies! Sorry for using your webpage address.

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    6 Months with no update. I hope all is well

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