A Domme has nefarious plans for the captured slave of another Mistress.
Updated on September 29, 2017
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Abby waited for the progress bar to complete its slow crawl and switched programming room 2 into standby-mode. On the monitor, the woman inside was huddled in a corner; mouth still breathily reciting the mantra that the chamber had been had been bombarding her with; eyes wide, still seeing the dazzling lights that had ensnared her mind.

Abby couldn’t remember her own time in Mistress’ device, but she was sure it had started much the same way. Trying to claw open the door that disappeared into the wall, closing her eyes and squeezing her palms over her ears; trying to shut out the relentless lights and sounds that assaulted her. It had certainly ended the same way: collapsed in a corner, helplessly mesmerized, thighs spasming in a puddle of her own juices, drooling and cumming her will away.

Well, not quite the same.

Today was a very special day. The woman inside now had no idea how long her owner had been working towards this moment. Abby checked the camera system and saw Mistress Tera was already waiting outside and dressed to play. She unlocked the room and opened the door; watching with an unfamiliar eagerness as the Domme entered.

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Tera stepped into the room, gushing and dripping and gloating as the culmination of so many plans lay spread open before her.

Brianna Tess, the spoiled-bitch-domme who had poached slaves (and it was rumored even a few owners) and ignored rules that had protected the society for decades was one step closer to a very well-deserved reckoning.

Tera smiled cruelly, “Tell me slut, who is Brianna Tess?”

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The woman on the floor broke her endless mantra of “i obey, i obey, i obey” and gazed up through slowly-blinking eyes. “Brianna Tess is my former owner, Goddess Tera.”

“You were her favorite weren’t you slut?”

The woman shuddered and moaned under the heat of her new owner’s gaze. “Yes Goddess Tera, I was her Alpha-slave, her most treasured pet.”

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Tera sneered and felt heat prickling behind her vinyl thong. “And now, you’re my most treasured tool; slightly smarter than a screwdriver, though no more important.” The woman on the floor panted with need. “And just like a screwdriver, you now have but one purpose in the whole world: to ensnare your former owner for me and see that she is broken and shackled at my feet.”

The slave’s mantra reached a crescendo as she lurched and quaked in the corner, the puddle beneath her growing noticeably larger.

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Abby watched Mistress Tera revel in the moment and made sure the recorders were capturing everything. She somehow knew her owner was going to want to revisit this moment many, many times; probably while thrashing atop her newest slave’s face. If Goddess allowed, Abby might re-watch it too. For now though, she was still a slave with duties to perform. She clicked through several on-screen menus as Mistress Tera continued…

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“…everything I have planned for you tonight will just make your betrayal sting all the more when I make your worthless-bitch owner watch the spectacle of your debasement before I mind-wipe her into my own personal dildo.” The slave on the floor quivered helplessly around her pussy, the heat from her owner’s words setting her inner thighs on fire with each new promise. Tera turned to leave, eager to stop savoring the moment and start savoring victory. “Let’s go, slut, you need to be fitted with a collar of your own before we head up to the kennel-”

The pistons’ loud hiss drowned out Tera’s sharp, terrified inhale as the door to the chamber ratcheted closed.

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Tera threw herself against the door, pounding on the cold surface as the lights clicked off. She called out, knowing slave-abby would be monitoring from the control room. “Report slave, what’s the problem?”

Abby’s voice was clean and resonant through the chamber’s sound system, “There is no problem Mistress Tera, I am initiating the protocols to reprogram Brianna Tess’ slave.”

Tera tried to keep the panic out of her voice, “She’s already been programed!”

Abby didn’t sound panicked at all, “She isn’t the slave i was referring to.”

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Abby clicked the enable button with one hand, while savagely working at her nipple with the other. Inside the room, Mistress Tera’s eyes had found the concealed camera behind the wall and Abby tugged harder as she watched the other woman’s eyes go wide as the brainwashing chamber came to life.

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Tera’s mind raced as the room’s strobe system filled the chamber with precisely timed burst of light and color. Timed to key synaptic responses in the brain that governed motor control. If she watched too long, she wouldn’t be able to move…or look away. The moan from the slave in the corner drew her attention…

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The woman groaned wantonly around her pink tongue, her eyes and ears eager to soak up the programming that was still reverberating in her head and leaking out her slit. She stared through the woman in the vinyl corset as her hands found burning flesh to twist and slap.

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Tera was rooted to the spot watching the slave shiver and spasm in the corner. She’d seen dozens of women succumb to the merciless program, but no video feed could compare to watching it happen seven feet away. It was so much more real and visceral without the filters blocking out the sublim-OH SHIT! The lights, the subliminals! Tera fought to shut her eyes and burned between her legs when she realized couldn’t!

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The slave in the corner shouted her mantra over the white noise filling the chamber, her hand a blur on her pulsing clit. She opened her mind to the whirlpool of color and sound and lust and let it pour in, dragging a sharp nail across her nipple as even the slave-self she had known slipped from her mind and into oblivion.

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Tera’s hands tugged at her nipples, no longer under the control of her brain but the program that was rapidly replacing her thoughts. She was lost staring at the other slave as the lights and sound and irresistible arousal chipped away at her mind. She groaned and pulled harder, her cunt aching deliciously with need. Her thoughts just cohesive enough to remember that the program would reward her with orgasms only after she’d reached the second stage of inducement. She was wondering how long that would take when her thighs suddenly clenched hard around her leaking slit and she howled through an orgasm that left throbbing lights dancing in her head.

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Abby smiled, as Mistress Tera teetered on her high-heels and collapsed in the corner of the chamber slapping and kneading her breasts without mercy. The instant message app danced at the bottom of the screen and Abby hurried to reply…

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The floor under Tera’s ass was slick with her need. The other slave’s scent was mingling with her own and every inhale set swelling flames licking her nipples and clit from within. There were images dancing in her head now, images of a woman with full breasts and shimmering dark hair. Tera spread her legs as wide as she could and thrust her clenching, burning folds against the musk-filled-air as she forgot the name Brianna Tess and learned the name Goddess.

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Brianna Tess whined softly as she stained the hotel’s chair. Her fingers working slowly on her throbbing sex as the she watched the video stream that slave-abby had provided. Turning the clever blonde to her own will hadn’t been difficult, sacrificing her dear Alpha had. Tera’s enslaver barely left a mind to control after one indoctrination cycle; two would leave her prized pet little more than an eager tongue. On-screen, tera was thrashing in rapture as she was mind-fucked into the obedient whore Brianna always knew she should be. Yes, it would be difficult to replace her beloved Alpha-slave.

Fortunately, she already had a suitable candidate in mind…

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Published on January 19, 2011

Director's Commentary

Without doubt the most technically challenging thing I’ve ever done. The animation of the flashing wall tiles took months upon months to research and perfect. There’s several 3D models throughout the piece that needed to be integrated and locating images of a naked woman in some sort of control booth was almost impossible at the time.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out in the end.

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