A reporter must resist divulging her source...
Published on July 31, 2014
 - Featuring Nadja Auermann

Nadja tried to turn away and felt the firm grip of the attendant roll her head back into position. With a defeated exhale she fell back into the spiral that was melting her mind. “Feel like talking yet?” the attendant inquired. Nadja heard movement behind her and was vaguely aware of some piece of equipment being rolled over next to the table she was dissolving into. Nadja had answered this question before…several times. She’d been answering a lot of questions. In many cases that would break the ice with a source and get them talking back; it wasn’t working here.

Taking more concentration than it should have, Nadja recited her paper’s disclosure boilerplate. “I’m a journalist with The Post. I’m here to inquire about the accusations being leveled against your facility.” She heard switches being thrown, “Leveled by whom?” Fighting the urge to answer was like not scratching an itch. Instead she redirected to, “You’re guilty of kidnapping, you know.” Something touched her forehead, “At the very least…I assure you.” There was a soft ‘click’ and the probe touching Nadja’s forehead lit up…along with every part of her body that could remotely feel horny. She groaned as the sensation of several very experienced tongues probing between her legs flooded through her.

The attendant chuckled, “Don’t fight it dear, its quite irresistible.” Nadja convulsed and whined, eyes riveted to the spiral; feeling it burrow deeper into her brain and finding something aching and throbbing to lick there. The attendant adjusted something, ”Overwhelming isn’t it? Harder to think yet easier to answer. Does anyone know you’re here?” Nadja felt her quivering sex clench inside her soaked panties, “YES! My editor, my source, and my sister all know.” She wailed as something like atomic fire arced from her brain, electrified her spine, and then surged into her trembling clit. She could hear the attendant smiling, “And, who is your source?

Nadja howled and knew that, quite soon, they’d find more depraved and pleasurable ways for her to obey with her mouth. But for now she’d have to settle for telling them everything they wanted to know…and cumming her brains out.

Director's Commentary

I just couldn’t get over how perfectly the base image sets everything up for a mind control scenario. From the wand pressed to her forehead to the fortuitous placement of the magnifying-lamp, this was the image that just kept on giving.

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