Published on October 19, 2015
 - Featuring Mariana Cordoba

Mariana moaned weakly and begged to cum. She knew there would be no relief for her hard, horny cock until all her resistance had been crushed and her mind enslaved. She hoped it would happen soon.

The girl that had checked Mariana into the posh hotel had been very flirty. She’d asked more than once if there was -anything- else she could do for Mariana, hinting she had an errand to run on the 14th floor and assuring her it would be no problem to stop by her room. Just to make sure Mariana had -everything- she needed.

She was cute but a tad young so Mariana thanked her and said goodnight. She was almost to the elevators when the girl caught up with her and pressed a small box into her hands. “Compliments of our spa,” she’d explained.

In her room, Mariana had discovered the box held an electronic visor. She’d done that once before on a spa day: electro-light-therapy or some such. She peeled her clothes off, lit some candles, put on some meditative music, and slipped the visor on…

Mariana had succumbed to trance quickly. She had such a weak mind after all, weak and in-need of guidance…control. Mariana’s cock was -very- eager for her to give up control. It encouraged every step of the way, throbbing and aching between the glorious reward cycles when the visor would let her stroke to another edge and then make her stop.

She fantasized about the hotel girl coming by her room and finding her in need of service after all. Giving Mariana some in-room spa treatment, going to work on her aching sex first with warm oil and soft hands, then later with her eager mouth. Once she had Mariana nice and cock-tamed she’d tease her mercilessly as she debated which hole to let Mariana’s cock fill.

When there really was a knock at the door, the visor winked off and Mariana obediently went to answer it. The girl from the concierge’s desk grinned, watching Mariana’s cock twitch helplessly in the air between them. Mariana whined as she laid eyes on the leather collar and cuffs the girl had brought.

The concierge took Mariana by the cock and led her back into the room, cuffing her ankles and wrists to the bed after placing the collar on her neck. The girl climbed on top and fucked her savagely for hours on end. Mariana moaned and barked as the visor enslaved her utterly.

Director's Commentary

One of a series of animations involving TS porn star Mariana Cordoba I was commissioned to create.

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