Published on October 19, 2015
 - Featuring Mariana Cordoba

Mariana’s eyes tracked left and right in-time to the merciless tick-tock of the metronome. The rhythm was inside her head, a mantra that blunted her thoughts and kept her conscious mind distracted… and very, very horny. ‘Tick-tock, goes my cock.’ Her eyes were dull and riveted to her throbbing hard-on, twitching back-and-forth to the same steady beat.

Her hypnotist spoke again and she inhaled sharply, feeling the new commands slide into a pink, moist place in her head. Like a lover pushing into her but then pulling out completely; she missed the voice when it wasn’t inside her…fucking her with new instructions. New ways to obey.

Not long ago, she had resisted. She had sat in the same chair and fought the endless cycle of indoctrination. But she had lost. Her cock had lost, bewitched by the words of her hypnotist. Charmed like a snake (Mmmmm) into dancing before her eyes. Back and forth, back and forth, her throbbing sex had mesmerized her. Her obedient member had become a leash chained to her mind…always leading her back here. Always leading her back down. Always leading her deeper…

Pre-cum trickled from her head and she groaned helplessly as her hypnotist returned to reprogramming her mind into something less complicated and very, very obedient.

Director's Commentary

One of a series of animations involving TS porn star Mariana Cordoba I was commissioned to create.


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