Kia and Kaa

A mysterious song lures a woman from her bed into the woods outside her hut
Published on October 13, 2010
 - Featuring Kia A
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Kia felt the humid air clinging to her exposed skin; small beads of sweat reflecting in the moonlight. The song had woken her for three nights now. A lullaby melody that reminded her of a tune she’d never heard. It was louder tonight, closer. She was certain to find its origin this time.

She should have covered up but the heat was suffocating. Besides, Father and his cadre wouldn’t return from their hunting expedition for another day at least.

A fearsome tiger of local legend: somthing-or-other-Khan. Father hadn’t stopped talking about it since their arrival in India.

Kia would’ve liked to join him on the hunt, it sounded terrifically exciting. But, he tutted and mumbled something about women being misfortune for hunters.

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So, until tomorrow (at least) Kia shared the small village with the local women and children. She wondered idly if the young boys she’d caught spying on her as she bathed were watching now. She really should’ve worn something. But, the heat had her sleeping nude and she couldn’t risk the time it would’ve taken to find a robe in her darkened hut. She -had- to find where the music was coming from.

After the first night, she’d gotten one of her ‘admirers’ to play translator and ask his mother about the strange music.

Although she couldn’t understand the words, the severe scolding the boy received for just asking the question told her it was not something the villagers were inclined to talk about.

As she wandered into the tree line she considered the possibilities: perhaps a former resident who was being ostracized? Hmm, not likely. Unless it was a leper. The mother had been frightened. Superstition then? There was plenty of local folklore the might account for her reaction.

Though, it couldn’t account for the very real tune she followed now. She grasped a tree limb to steady herself as she listened intently, realizing for the first time she really had no idea what sort of instrument she was hearing…

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Kia was trying to imagine what sort of Indian flute could have such a sibilant tone when something cold and very strong slithered over her hand and locked her arm in its grasp…

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Kia froze knowing instantly, even in the dim light, that it was a very large snake. She fought down tremors of fear, certain that at any moment the creature’s fangs would come flashing out of the dark and poison her.

When they didn’t, she forced herself to breath slowly and with the first deep inhale she recalled reading about such creatures in her father’s books. Constrictor snakes weren’t venomous. But, they killed their prey through strangulation.

Perhaps, if she held very still, and continued letting the snake believe her arm was just another tree branch, it would move along and free her from its deadly embrace.

The village buildings were still in sight. If she anything happened, she could call for help. Kia was feeling quite proud of her ability to remain analytical, despite being terrified. She was nearly smiling when she sensed movement in front of her…

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It was a very large snake indeed. There was know way of knowing how tall the tree was in the dak. Its coiled body looped up, into the night, and back down. Its head hovered in front of her face, listing gently from side to side as though it was swaying in the breeze.

Thinking of the wind suddenly reminded her of the music that had led her into its clutches…it was so very loud now.

Then, the snake opened its eyes and Kia’s mind feel into the swirling depths…

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Kia’s eyes locked on the snake’s as her head drew circles in the air and the delicious melody rang through her mind and echoed between her thighs. She marveled as she distantly felt the snake’s coils wrap around her other arm without ever breaking the gaze that now penetrated her. Though she had years ago taught herself many pleasures, no nimble set of fingers on her wet mound could compare to what the snake was doing to her equally slick mind.

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Kia sagged in its grasp, trapped in its eyes, falling deeper and deeper into its spell. The song continued for hours upon hours. Teaching her to workship and to obey. She ground her thighs together, gushing from her nexus, gasping and moaning in wanton pleasure. All too eager to learn. All too eager to worship. All too eager to surrender and obey.

The song lasted well into the night and left her standing in a damp spot where her trickling lust turned the dirt to soft mud…

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As the first rays of light began streaming through the tress, Kia stumbled back to her hut. Her mind was awash with lust and submission and purpose. The oldest daughters of the village would make easy prey. They could sate Kia’s lust and after an unmerciful night suffering under her fingers and tongue and fist, they would follow her into the forest to hear the song for themselves…

Director's Commentary

This is a piece that I was so excited to get working one once I stumbled across the images and, immediately, saw the potential for a “Kaa-themed” animated series.


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