A pretty thief is charged with stealing back a daughter who has fallen victim to a snake cult
Published on July 23, 2015
 - Featuring Madison Ivy

In the Hyborian Age…

Ma’Di-son waded through the sea of naked flesh, the cries and howls of the orgy washing over her. She imagined she could hear the distant wails of the priestess whose headdress and robe she now wore. After Ma’Di-son had brought the woman a cup of wine (and the slug of white powder dissolved within), the Priestess had grown crazed with lust; discarding her vestments and descending into the pit leading two handsome bulls by their enormous cocks.

They left but one of her orifices empty to bark and groan as she writhed between them. Ma’Di-son watched, slipping on the garment and jewelry while they ravished her. The sounds left Ma’Di-son’s sex twitching enviously and she thought of leashing a bull for her own use. But, there was burgling to do and if her prize was here, she would soon be able to afford a whole stable of fuck-gods to satisfy her urges. She strode past and ascended into the tower of the snake cult, searching for a daughter to steal back.

The temples of Set had lain in ruin for an age. Few, now, could remember the name of the Atlantean King who had finally vanquished the snake-demon’s acolytes; for his people too had since faded from the world. So, the Thurian Age passed and the nations of men ebbed and flowed like so many rivers… until one Summer came early and fires were seen once again in the towers of Set.

The Stygian girl had been missing a fortnight. Her family waited for a letter bearing the insolent words of an absconding child or the ransom terms of a heartless slaver, but none came. Rangers and hounds searched the valley to the east and the foothills to the north but found no sign of the missing noble-born.

There were whispers though. Whispers of the tower; of the cries of ecstasy that could be heard as the faithful worshipped their snake-god. Whispers of women leaving their beds in the late hours and traveling through the city’s silent streets to the doors of Set’s temple…bewitched by dreams of the orgy inside. Whispers that the Stygian girl had awoken from her own amorous vision, shed her clothes, and crossed the city to join the snake cult.

The girl’s father despaired but it was the mother who conceived of a plan to steal back her daughter…before the sect made the Autumn pilgrimage East to exalt their High Sorcerer, Thoth-Amon, in his hollow mountain. And so, Ma’Di-son, the beautiful thief, had been pulled from her cell in the dungeon and brought before the lady of the house. She was promised gold and jewels beyond counting to ply her trade against the cult of Set and return the family’s eldest-born girl.

High in the tower, past countless chambers of quivering, naked flesh, Ma’Di-son found the Stygian girl lashed to a pillar. Her arms were held above her head by snakes coiled tightly around her wrists, the length of their scaled forms winding around the stone as if carved into it. A third, larger, snake was wrapped around her body, cupping her breasts in its coils. Beside them, an olive-skinned woman stood unmoving, her nose and mouth covered by a thick veil. She held out a gold basin under the girl’s face where she could not escape breathing the incense burning within. A pale woman whose head was shaven clean, knelt at her feet and lapped at her sex.

The Stygian’s eyes were wild and unblinking as she drank in the perverse spectacle before her. She watched countless men, women, and several large dogs engage in wondrous, unspeakable acts. Her mouth trembled as she moaned and begged for the pale woman’s tongue to push her over the edge.

Ma’Di-son strode toward them, swaying her hips suggestively; letting her body tell the lie for all who watched. She was a High-Priestess of Set, overcome by the rites of worship, and she was going to indulge herself with a beautiful young girl. Perhaps she would convince the onlookers by defiling the Stygian girl in front of them. She would certainly relish the feel of noble-born-face grinding on her slick folds.

She was an arm’s length away and wondering if she should be worried about the serpents’ bite when she sensed movement behind her. Ma’Di-son turned and found a snake hovering before her face, it’s body hanging from the dark heights of the cavernous room. She pondered inviting it onto her arm, letting it wrap itself around her body. Perhaps having the serpent perched on her shoulder would give her the station to simply walk the Stygian girl past the guards and out the doors of the temple?

As she considered this, the snake opened its eyes and Ma’Di-son inhaled sharply as she fell into its gaze and realized she could not climb back out. The flickering braziers around the room danced in the serpent’s eyes but there was more…jade green, and creamy violet, and delicious gold pulsed in her vision. Over and over and over the colors penetrated her mind, blunting all thoughts of her mission and the fortune awaiting her; everything but the ache between her legs and the lust dripping down her inner thighs.

She gasped as she felt hands on her but couldn’t muster even the strength to resist them, much less to break the spell she was falling under. They pulled the robe from her body and dragged the mesmerized woman toward the pillar. Ma’Di-son moaned weakly, her head rocking back and forth as the snake followed her.

Then, the pillar was at her back and she felt the cold grip of the snakes on her wrists and ankles. They drew her limbs away from her body, stretching her across the stone column. The basin was placed under her face and Ma’Di-son’s lungs helplessly drew in the scent. Her legs spasmed as the lust coursed through her like flame licking at dry tinder. She gasped and lunged in the grasp of the snakes, making sounds she didn’t recognize as her own voice; desperate, pleading, wanton noises. The noises of a whore…of a slave.

The Stygian noble stood before her. The girls eyes were dull but her whole body trembled with need. She knelt between Ma’Di-son’s legs and pressed her tongue into the thief’s swollen, gushing lips. She worked Ma’Di-son’s plump sex until the woman was barking with lust and gasping, drawing in huge breaths of the wicked incense. The snake loomed closer, its merciless gaze bearing down on her and she could feel the terrible pressure behind her eyes, steadily pressing inward on her mind.

Ma’Di-son felt her lust for treasure, and thrill, and even the feel of the Stygian’s soft face on her stiff bud slowly drain from her thoughts. She surrendered them happily… eagerly. They meant nothing now. Nothing next to The Breath of the Serpent in her lungs and the Song of Set in her mind. She slumped in the snakes’ coils and, in time, there was no longer a woman pretending to be a worshipper of Set bound to the pillar…


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