Published on March 1, 2014

Director's Commentary

For all you snake-hypno fans out there, and I know there are a few of you, I’m always on the look out for fresh material to do more Kaa-inspired manips. In this case, I found an image from the same set as Rocking and was stumped on what to do with it. I saved the image and toyed with it here and there, I worked on the face a bit, did some work with the eyes, but really I couldn’t go much further without a snake.

Searching for a suitable serpent (three times fast) turned out to be quite arduous given the angle of the tree limb and the eye-line of the model. The snake would have to be hanging from the tree limb with its head lifted up at just the right angle to make everything line up. Finally, after a week or more of searching, I found an image that was close…not perfect…but close. With a little tweaking, I finally had my reptilian hypnotist. I’ve toyed with doing a caption (and I still might if the inspiration ever grabs me) but, really, this piece was intended to be a treat.

So, I hope all you snake hypnosis fans enjoy and I’ll be on the lookout for more material, this is one branch of EMC erotica that I never tire of.


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