Published on August 5, 2005

Director's Commentary

I thought this image had such great possibilities when I pulled it out of my stack of raw material. The cruel irony is that after tweaking the little that I did, I could not come up with any sort of caption to write for it. Some have argued that its good enough that it doesn’t need words, but I was always disappointed I couldn’t bring it to life the way I had hoped to.


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    I checked out the image of “Laptop” and read your comments. Where nothing jumped out at you (as your comments stated), something did jump out to me. I thought I would share my thoughts and see if you might want to proceed down a specific avenue. Consider: After surfing the net, going to places that she knew that she shouldn’t her laptop started having a strange sound coming from the speakers. It slowly grew louder until she could hear soft music. Captivating music, at the same time the screen began slowly began to change to a swirling pattern. She couldn’t stop it no matter what she did. She knew that she had picked up a virus. Almost in disgust she leaned back and just stared at the swirling pattern, listening to the music….. This might give you some ideas – it was what I saw when I looked at the image.

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    David hunter

    Nice would like to see more

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