Published on April 11, 2016

Eve looked ill when she came through the door. It was just past lunch time. She must’ve left work early. Crystal didn’t know much about Eve’s job at the laboratory (Eve couldn’t even reveal where the building was located), which is probably why her mind flashed to an image of her roommate in a cumbersome hazmat suit bumping up against some fiendish, sharp object and exposing herself to an airborne strain of whatever bacteria always made gas station sushi such a gamble.

Eve headed straight for her bedroom, shut the door, and the whimpers and grunts Crystal heard a short time later left her grimacing in sympathy. Several hours later, Eve’s door clicked open and Chrystal emerged from her own room ready to empathize and comfort.

“Do you need some saltines or…” The question hung in the air along with Chrystal’s jaw. Eve was -very- green and equally naked. Her shiny skin reminded Chrystal of apples. Tart, delicious, juicy, succulent… She shook her head and tried to pull her gaze away from Eve’s plump, throbbing nipples and focus on her eyes…

Which were glossy and blank. Black veins crept across white sclera towards her pupils, like tree branches choking out moonlight. Chrystal noticed the smell as Eve took a step towards her. A heavy, pungent scent hung in the air and pressed against her skin through her clothes. She’d been lost, staring into Eve’s eyes when she realized her roommate was standing right in front of her…naked and obviously horny.

Chrystal reflexively took a step back and almost collapsed. Her legs were suddenly jello beneath her. The squishy, soft feeling crept higher and stirred delicious heat between her thighs. Eve pushed her backwards onto the couch and climbed on top. Chrystal moaned as the other girl wriggled between her legs, lost to the eroticism of the moment and in no mood to do anything but let Eve ravish her. She thought Eve was swallowing reflexively -perhaps as nervous as Chrystal- until her roommate leaned in for a kiss and the worm pressed past Chrystal’s lips and plunged into her body…

Chrystal made wet, obscene vowel-sounds as the creature writhed between the two of them. The jello feeling in her legs had reached her brain and turned off the parts that evolution had crafted to keep her alive; the parts that made her afraid; that gave her body the surge of energy needed to fight or fly. Those parts of her mind twitched uselessly along with her limbs.

However, the worm had found plenty of use for other parts of her brain. The group of neural pathways already connecting her sense of ‘wrong, forbidden, taboo’ to ‘hot, horny, helpless’ had been jackhammered into highways by the endorphins speeding through them. Eve ground against her aching sex in a perfect, endless rhythm that broke every bit of resistance in Chrystal. Losing the struggle had been the best sex of her life.

When Chrystal woke up that evening, she was host-form. She heard Eve-host panting in the bedroom and went to the door to find her roommate in a frenzy of masturbation. Her eyes had rolled into her head as she whispered under breath. One hand squeezed her heavy breasts, coaxing thick drops of amber from her nipples. The other hand was a blur between her splayed legs. Her skin color had returned to normal, though it still glowed with the luster of Master’s touch.

She would soon birth a new worm: a perfect duplicate of master. To be returned to the tank in the laboratory tomorrow where no one would know the difference. Soon, she would achieve a breakthrough in her research. That would necessitate more resources and a team to help her.

It would take time to birth enough brood-slugs to make all of them host-form. Fortunately, Master had Chrystal-host for that task. She would call and quit her job later, but for now she crawled between Eve-host’s thighs and coaxed Master’s decoy forth with her mouth…

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