Published on April 3, 2014
 - Featuring Justine Joli

The meteor-shower party had been terrific fun. The storm of celestial objects rained down throughout the night in streaks of every color. Some newsperson said it wouldn’t likely happen again in anyone’s lifetime…or their children’s. Justine had added some architecture to her spacious backyard…and a luxurious pool. Her house became the de facto gathering point for the night’s festivities. With such a big crowd the clean up afterwards was an event unto itself, she didn’t even start until the following week. She was searching the grass for clear, plastic cutlery when she noticed the stalk near the pool.

At first she thought it had to be a weed, she’d had the yard meticulously landscaped before the party and this unwelcome bit of flora must have grown in the days since. Nothing killed it. Four trips to the hardware store in as many days and nothing even slowed its growth, which was rapid. The following week, Justine found out it wasn’t a weed when it reached a half-meter tall and started blooming. The buds were thick and fibrous and, apparently, nocturnal. The stalks stayed closed throughout the day but the buds opened into the most amazing star-shaped flowers once the sun retreated. Justine couldn’t believe her luck. She was so thankful none of the noxious concoctions killed off her new favorite bit of landscaping. If anything, she needed to find a way to cultivate it and plant a few more around the pool.

It had been almost a month since the six buds had matured when Justine saw the plant glowing from the kitchen window. No, not glowing, throbbing. She checked the bottle of Merlot she’d been working on…barely a third gone. No, she wasn’t hallucinating it, a single bloom had opened and was flashing with different colors, like some bizarre deep-sea creature. She stepped through the door, phone in hand and camera already rolling. The air smelled delicious, almost perfumed. Justine stood close and filmed for several minutes. Even through her phone’s screen the rhythm and pattern of colors was strangely compelling. She found herself getting transfixed; like driving in snow. She’d finally managed to drag her attention back to her phone and was checking her footage when the blast of pollen struck her face.

Justine collapsed, coughing and already feeling lightheaded. She wretched and hacked on hands and knees for several minutes before she was breathing easy enough to try and stand. She was feeling quite cross with her little guest. She looked at the plant and gasped. The colors were…stronger somehow. They streaked through the air towards her, bending around the edges of her vision and curving back into her eyes. Everywhere she looked, the ribbons of color followed her. She traced the flares back to the flower, her mouth hanging open as the throbbing colors pulled her deeper into their depths. She stared into them and found the most pleasant (almost sexual) thrumming course through her body as she just…let her mind…drift…

She woke with a start as her phone chirped at her from the grass where she’d dropped it. The battery was nearly gone.

The time! She’d been out here for hours! Shakily, she stood, walking slowly back to the patio. How had she lost track of time? How long would’ve she have sat (knelt) there if her phone hadn’t beeped? Her phone! She whirled around and felt a wave of vertigo as the world seemed to keep on spinning. She’d left her phone next to the plant!

She crept forward, feeling afraid but not sure why. The colors were so pretty…but she couldn’t afford to let them snare her gaze again. She wasn’t sure what would happen but…she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out either. ‘Just grab the phone and get back inside’ she urged herself. Justine kept her gaze down for most of the walk back, shielding her eyes for the last couple meters. She scooped up the phone, the battery was dead; it wouldn’t be saving her again.

‘This is silly, I don’t need saving from a-‘ the thought died in her mind as the flower pulsed with light that illuminated the yard all around her; so much stronger than before. She looked up reflexively…the other blooms had opened. All six of them flashed and whirled and throbbed with color. Each was an individual, the light dancing from each set of petals in a unique cacophony that blended in harmony with the others. Just when she felt she could withstand looking at one (without being consumed by it) there was another to fall into…and another.

With a start, Justine realized that it had caught her again. No, not caught her…tricked her…ensnared her. It had lured her back out into the yard and ensured she wouldn’t leave again. She whimpered and for some reason that last thought made her desperate to be naked. This plant had drugged her, mesmerized her, and now it had outwitted her. She shrugged off her clothes and dropped them on her phone. Eyes locked on the throbbing flowers, she lowered herself to her hands and knees, rutting in the grass with how terribly wrong this was…and how molten-wet it had made her pussy.

She stared into throbbing oblivion as the pollen grew thick in the air and the dew streaming down her thighs softened the ground beneath her. Finally, when the flower had emptied her mind and leashed her body with her own clenching, obedient sex, she lowered herself onto the pollenating stalk nearest the ground, barking and thrashing in an orgasm that left the throbbing colors dancing on both sides of her eyelids…

When she woke in bed the next morning, she rubbed her tummy affectionately. She HAD been looking forward to seeding her special plant around the back yard in time for her next get-together; everyone was going to just love it. ‘Better get started now,’ she mused. The backyard got so hot after lunch time. Justine left her clothes behind but plugged up her phone to its charger.

Very soon, she’d need it.

Director's Commentary

A really fun piece with one of my favorite models. Animating the various loops on the flowers was terrific fun. The hardest part was choosing which of Ms Joli’s excellent trance faces to include. They were all excellent, as you can see in the related blog post.

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