Lady Viper

Lady Jaye is captured by the forces of Cobra and brought before The Baroness
Published on September 29, 2017
 - Featuring Sade

Lady Jaye woke with a sharp inhale and found herself strapped, wrists and ankles, to the chair she was sitting in. Years of training overrode the instinct to free herself. Instead, she let her head hang limply on her chest and played the part of an unconscious prisoner. She kept still, gathering whatever clues she could from her immediate surroundings: travertine marble floor, hand-made chair, the smell of antique wood. So, it was a manor of some kind.

High up too. She could feel the thin air with every breath. There was a window open somewhere. She could hear a bird. A greenfinch. Which would be rare to find at high elevation this time of the year. Except in parts of South-East Germany and Western Austria.

Bavaria. She was in the Bavarian alps.

There was a whisper of boot heels on the marble. She wasn’t alone. Hadn’t been alone the whole time. Held prisoner by someone who knew how to keep ninja-quiet in a manor in the Bavarian mountains. Which could only mean…

“I know you’re awake darling,” said a bemused and accented voice.

“Baroness.” Lady Jaye said, looking up and trying to hide her surprise.

The Cobra intelligence officer wasn’t wearing her customary full-body sneak-suit. What little she was wearing was suited for the bedroom; not the battlefield. The Baroness posed a bit, seeming to enjoy the pretty Joe’s eyes on her body.

Lady Jaye made a show of testing the straps while firmly mashing her right boot heel into the marble. Three short, three long, three short. The beacon should bring the cavalry within-

“The emergency tracker in your boot is gone, dear.” Baroness smiled cheerfully.

-or not.

Well, shit.’ she thought, ‘Just have to do this the old fashioned way.” Lady Jaye shrugged casually, “We’ve known about your Bavarian estate for some time.” Baroness didn’t flinch. ‘Bingo,’ Lady Jaye smiled inwardly, ‘At least I’ve confirmed my location.’

She pressed on, “When I don’t report in, GI Joe will know where to look. If you leave now, you might make it out of the country before we toss you in the stockade forever and a day.” She nodded to the thigh high boots, “Might want to change first. Those look yummy but not like they’re made for running.”

Baroness turned her heel and showed off the boots, “I’m glad you like them.” She stared down Lady Jaye cooly, “You’ll be worshipping them soon.” Lady Jaye chuckled and wished she had more cards to play.

The Baroness continued, “However, GI Joe knows you’re safe and sound in Jerusalem; on schedule for your mission in Tehran. Zarana has already handled both your check-ins for today. She’ll do just fine filling in during your absence. So we’ll have plenty of time.”

Lady Jaye kept her tone conversational, “Time for what?”

The Baroness smiled hungrily, “To reprogram your mind.”

Judging by Baroness’ cruel laugh, Lady Jaye hadn’t hid her reaction to that piece of information very well. This was bad. Dr. Venom was dead, but Cobra had at least two other, known, mind-control practitioners in their ranks. And, a mind-manipulation device they’d been refining for years. Enough time in the machine and Cobra could extract a lot of secrets The Joes didn’t need them learning.

Baroness seemed to sense where her thoughts were dragging her. “You needn’t worry about the Brainwave Scanner, darling. I’ve experienced it first hand and while it certainly can induce loyalty, the affects are far too traumatic to instill the sort of… devotion… I want from you.”

Baroness idly stroked her own latex-covered breast as she said it, stiffening the nipple beneath. Lady Jaye figured devotion wasn’t the only thing The Baroness wanted from her. Hmmm. Maybe something she could exploit?

She let her eyes drift up and down the Baroness’s latex-clad body, trying to make the roll of her hips seem unconscious. “Not that you need your ego stroked Baroness, but you don’t need to brainwash me to bed me. Pizza, Netflix, and those boots would do the job just fine.” Baroness took a step closer, fire dancing in her eyes.

Lady Jaye went into her spank-bank and pulled out the night in Fiji she and Flint had spent together. She’d handcuffed him to the bed, pressed her ass into his face and began to dance on it. He’d worshipped her bud while his cock twitched and leaked as she ground herself into his mouth. He’d cum without being touched which had sent her straight into her third orgasm of the night. She wet her pussy every time she thought about it.

The memory had her own nipples hard as pebbles. She pushed her chest out a bit and let the other woman see. She focused, trying not to get too caught up in the arousal. She had to play this just right: horny, yet conflicted. Even with her hands and feet immobilized, she knew three techniques to render The Baroness unconscious… if she could lure her in close enough.

Baroness drew near, stalking over the marble and looking like sex-on-heels in those boots. Lady Jaye had to admit: it wasn’t only the memory of Flint turning her on. She was seriously considering opening a new spank-bank file devoted to The Baroness’ abs. The latex was skin-tight and she had muscles going all the way down to…

The Baroness’ hand wrapped around her face and forced her to look up. The room was spinning a bit. “Fuck, she looks good,” Lady Jaye thought as the other woman studied her eyes intently… then smiled. Lady Jaye frowned as she noticed Baroness was wearing filter plugs in her nostrils. Her mind sluggishly tried to conceive of what Baroness needed them for.

The Cobra intelligence specialist stalked back across the room and Lady Jaye discovered, firstly, that Baroness was wearing a latex thong and, secondly, what it was like to salivate for another woman’s ass. She heard herself groan with need.

The Baroness laughed and stroked the head of one of the Cobra statues that flanked her fireplace. It was smoking. Odd. She hadn’t smelled incense. Lady Jaye tried to concentrate on something other than how terribly, terribly, awfully, fucking horny she was and figure out how she’d missed that detail.

Wait. Not smoke. Mist. It was misting. They both were. Both statues were hissing something into the air. Something Baroness didn’t want to inhale but she’d been breathing it in the whole time.

Oh shit.’ she thought. Panicking in a quiet sort of way.

“You’re already doing it aren’t you?” She asked. Baroness nodded and rubbed fingers between her legs, “You can’t fight it, darling. Dr. Mindbender formulated the compound personally. And, while no one has much use for Crystal Ball, his mesmerizing artifact has proven itself to be quite… irresistible.” She gestured to the strange disc above the fireplace. It was…glowing. Or flashing maybe. Streaks of light were warping through its carved surface and somehow twisting through the air directly at-

Lady Jaye shook her head and looked away, realizing just how easy it would be to fall into the web Baroness was spinning. She steeled herself, “Code name: Lady Jaye. Service Number: YJ dash eight five-“ She gasped as Baroness waved a hand in front of the disc over the fireplace and light of every color erupted from within. Lady Jaye felt her eyes, and everything behind them, being sucked into it. Baroness humped her own fingers as she watched it happen, “You must be curious, darling. About the real you.”

The hypnodisc took her. Easily. Her mind was strained through a funnel made from black latex into a soft lump of juicy, quivering flesh that melted in the aching furnace between her thighs. She fought with everything she had. Trying to pull her thoughts out of her cunt and get them back in her head before-

Before, her pussy and her brain became the same thing. Lady Jaye imagined the two hemispheres of her mind peeling away to reveal a luscious, dripping cunt. A fuckhole in her mind. A keyhole that could be tongued, and sucked, and penetrated until it was throbbing with the need to cum. After the gushing orgasm unlocked her thoughts, there would be no way to resist having them taken away. Or changed and put back. Her pussybrain wouldn’t even try to resist because it would be soooo eager to gobble up whatever Baroness shoved in: fingers and tongues; new truths to believe; new commands to-

The first orgasm shattered her and irreversibly fused the neural pathways in her new mind-cunt. She howled and bucked in the chair, hallucinating a kaleidoscope of debauchery. Women being drained of their resolve by relentless, purring vibrators. Women drowning in huge, soft breasts topped with throbbing nipples. Women begging “Don’t stop!!!” as they succumbed. Lady Jaye felt their wonderful anguish as their wills were broken time and again.

Just like hers.

Of course, she would obey. Of course, she would worship Baroness, and her boots, and her perfect, succulent ass. Of course she would. Because it felt soooooo fucking good!

It was better than sex: submission; enslavement; obedience. She needed to submit to a woman. To be a possession. To use her face as a sex toy. Whatever Baroness commanded, she’d obey. It terrified her. How horny it made her to imagine obeying and betraying for her Owner. Even more frightening, and arousing, was how badly her pussybrain needed her to do it. Masturbation with her fingers would never be enough, ever again. From now on, the only way to jill off would be to obey The Baroness.

The Joes wouldn’t see it coming; wouldn’t stand a chance as she stole their secrets and sabotaged them from the inside. She imagined the look on Flint’s face, after she handcuffed him to the bed, promising him another ‘night in Fiji.’ Then, stripping down to reveal the Cobra tattoo over her sex. She’d tease and torture his cock with her mouth and ass cheeks until he broke and gave her the access codes. Afterwards, she’d set him up as the traitor. Or maybe give him to The Baroness to be enslaved.

Baroness would choose, she would obey.

She mewled and thrashed in the chair, trying to pull free so she could touch herself. Baroness stepped behind her and slipped her hand into Lady Jaye’s waistband. She spiraled her fingers over the other woman’s sex and sucked her earlobe, whispering, “Oh, and darling? Your new code name is… Lady Viper.”

Lady Jaye screamed and barked as the trigger phrase ignited an orgasm that would’ve dislocated her shoulder if the antique chair hadn’t cracked and given way first. She hung limply, afterwards, dull eyes locked helplessly on the hypnodisc. Baroness didn’t let her sleep, or cum again, until she had been utterly brainwashed into Cobra’s perfect double agent.

Director's Commentary

If there is one property that I feel is under-represented in mind control fan-fiction, its GI Joe. The comics, and to a lesser extent the 80s cartoon, was chock-full-o mind controlling and controllers. I’ve long told myself if I had the chance, I’d do something about it.

I especially enjoyed thinking about how this situation would fit into the overall mythos and how other characters might be involved given their specialties and so forth. Terrific, terrific fun.

Hope you enjoyed!


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    joshua barnett

    Well even though i grew up in the 80’s, I was never a G.I. Joe fan. So the spiral art and video are whatever. The story is perfect! Just wish it had gone further, or maybe more in depth.

  • avatar

    Dark Z

    Bloody awesome. I like the sexual corruption of lady jaye. Not a fan of bimboization, so dark seductress transformation is extremely cool.

    GI Joe provides excellent opportunities for serial recruitment. (My all time favorite fantasy involves Zarana wanting to retire to raise a family with Mainframe, so she kidnaps various Joe Women and brainwashes them into depraved sluts (some punk makeovers, some latex seductress makeovers) as cobra’s deal to be allowed to retire.

  • avatar


    I would love to see the Baroness turn Flint into her partner/sex slave. Cause I have a strange urge to ship the two. Whether or not Lady Jaye is there too. And from what I can see, others feel the same way too. Curious on what you can do. Maybe pics of a brunette in glasses, sucking cock and other things.

  • avatar


    I love the video and the story too

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