Published on November 26, 2011
 - Featuring Aria Giovanni , Justine Joli

Director's Commentary

In the original pic, Ms Joli was looking into the camera but, being so smitten with the image, I knew it could really lend itself to a great manip. I replaced her head with another from the same series of pictures and dropped the vibrator and control box into the image.

I then took advantage of the crystal chandelier that was in the scene by adding some lighting fx to tie it into the story. The last bit of business was the shifting colors in the room which, at first, I went a little too far with. in the end I got the look I wanted by toning down the color and tinting the background with more intensity than the two women.


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    Excellent visual images and story ! You have so many things working in this one
    (as Most of your works) its like a movie compared to my still attempts. I always
    enjoyed a work where a beautiful woman is enslaved when she seems safe in her
    “world” and has a feeling no man or woman can get to her.

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    Never felt hungrier in my life 😉
    This is a great piece of work – fantasticly hot

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    asudem latex

    absolutely love it!!

    now it if ticked my latex doll transformation fetishes (as well as wearing latex too of course) it would be perfect form me.


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    Wow another great story and visual !

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