Hi all. I know I’ve been out of pocket for a bit. Freelance gig is very busy at this time. I’ve been mostly occupied with that but I did manage to finish editing a new episode of The Black Room podcast! I’ll try to get another blog post up soon detailing where my other projects are currently at.

Happy hump day!

The Black Room – Episode 018

The Black Room returns with new treats from the world of erotic mind control. This episode, we discuss recent updates from author Sammynona, the conclusion of the epic EMC Hive tale Yew, and The Oblivion Glove, a terrific new 3D comic from Dollmistress. Plus, we discuss a clip from the Mexican drama The Untamed that features the most compelling and realistic depiction of tentacle sex we've ever seen. Then, we have "Ten Questions For…" Daphne! The maven of Mind Control Theatre, Mind Control Comics, and countless torrid tales from The Archive answers our questions about how to make terrific mind control porn.


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