Welcome back dear reader. I hope September has been as fun for you as it has for me. I’ve taken some well-deserved time off, enjoyed the company of friends, and, now, I’m back in the saddle and have several new pieces of work that I’m going to be unveiling in the coming weeks.

Tonight’s piece is one pulled from a large, unorganized folder of potential material that I call “Loose Art.” Its one of many random images I come across and save for a rainy day, I’ll explain more about all that in the rest of this post. For now, I hope you enjoy Forward and then read on for my director’s commentary.

Pretty much anytime I come across a pic that prominently features a TV or computer monitor, I save it. Many times, upon second glance, I decide I can’t really do anything with it after all. Of course there are times when I find a way to make even those types of images work. See Assignment as a case-in-point.

The long and short of it is that I have a folder filled with these kinds of random images, not because I have an idea of what to do with them, only because I think I might…one day. Such was the fate of tonight’s image. The laptop in the background certainly offered possibilities but I was very taken with the image of this pretty woman having her neck ravaged by another girl. Anyhoo, the image and a few others from the same gallery were saved and forgotten about.

This week, I happened across it again and the inspiration finally came through. I suddenly ‘heard’ the hypnotist, whispering hotly in the subject’s ear. Tempting and teasing her as she nibbled and sucked on the seated woman’s neck. That sense of tactile passion was a real driving force in the caption and something I hoped would convey heat and erotic hunger. That theme of hunger ended up being a big part of a relatively small narrative, but I was happy to be economical with a caption for once.

As for the actual work of manipulation, I did composite in the subject’s left arm from another photo. I was very smitten with the idea of her masturbating to help cement her hypnotist’s control over her. Tying the words being whispered into her ear with the pleasure of her own fingers. I think that final scene from trilby’s Bond was coming through there.

Beyond that, I just needed to create some kind of sexy-smexy hypnotic imagery for the laptop screen. Fortunately, I recently took the time to download a massive amount of animated backgrounds from a stock video site I subscribe to. It made the work go rather quickly since I didn’t have to create something from scratch myself.

I hoped you enjoyed and, as always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

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