Welcome back friends!
We’re a few days late (again) but the final installment of The Draining Terror is live! In this issue, Jette and Riesga are pushed to their limit as they fight to rescue their crew mates and defeat the immortal vampire that has enthralled them. Our brave Star Rangers have never been put to the test like this!

Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #10 is live now!

We had such a fun time developing this story and we’re so thrilled to finally have all three parts released! Thank you to everyone who’s been reading and taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Just a quick reminder that this is the last of our monthly Jette Jones issues. Connie and I have decided to change up our release cycle in the coming year and I think we’ve settled on writing a story to completion and then releasing week by week. In any case, more Jette Jones is coming and we’ll let you know when to look out for it!

Until next time, your questions, comments and suggestion are welcome!


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    “Just a quick reminder that this is the last of our monthly Jette Jones issues.” Lol I needed this reminder. I’ve been looking for an update for a week- lol.

    Very hopeful to have another slice of breadcrumbs at some point soon and would love a story with a “darker” finish if you’re still working through ideas!

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    Wayne C

    Guy,you ok? This was posted In January…It is NOW July 21st. 7 months,17 days later…I do not care about something new…I`M JUST CARING that you MIGHT be hurt!!! Please let us know if you are still alive,Because I`m SCARED for you now!

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      Hi Wayne,

      Things are okay with me. It’s been a very busy year and there have certainly been some ups and downs but overall things are good. I appreciate your concern. Connie and I are working to finish up a new Jette story and I’m preparing several new manips to post to the gallery in the near future. Thanks for checking in on me!

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        Wayne C

        THANK GOD! And you are welcome! I am SO glad you two are ok! Good to hear about New Jette Story,PLUS New Manips…Little request: One a month,PLEASE (@ Least!) Let us know you are ok,1ST And foremost…Some of us DO give a hoot that YOU might be hurt,LIKE ME…But,DO let us know,after your assurance you are ok,that you are planning something,or are nearly finished with manips.OR story,ok? PLEASE? Thanks for hearing me out,and replying,Callidus!

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        Fab news! I was getting worried about how you were doing! Sorry to hear things have been busy, but am looking forward to updates (whenever that should be)

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        Phew … I sort of didn’t want to ask but I was a little worried too. The times we live in, and all that. I’m glad you’re okay!

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