Published on November 30, 2020

Carmen dug her fingers into the mound of tape that bound Tammy’s hands. She’d quickly managed to get a nail beneath one corner of the duct tape and now it was just a matter of time before she had Tammy’s hands free. After that, they’d have help on the way in short order. And after that, the psycho people holding them would be on their way to jail.

Thank god for obsessive planning!

Carmen smiled beneath the duct tape gag and worked Tammy’s bonds loose.

* * *

Carmen had only interned for the Robard & Roberts law firm since the beginning of spring. She hadn’t counted on being hired so quickly but then an opportunity to work for the firm’s principle investigator, a fit and imposing woman called Tammy, had opened up. She saw no reason to miss out on the chance to gain some experience while also drawing a paycheck. Learning the investigative side of things would only make her a stronger attorney once she figured out how to pay for the remainder of law school.

The nondescript building they’d staked out was a pharmaceutical research laboratory on paper. Carmen didn’t know much about the firm’s new client but it smelled like a big case and, whatever it was, it had something to do with PhytaTech Ltd.

So the firm had sent Tammy to probe their defenses a bit. As Tammy’s newly minted junior investigator, Carmen was obliged to tag along and earn her stripes. They had some paperwork that, when combined with some carefully chosen words, inferred there was a small group of people who’d suffered some severe side affects after using a product that contained chemicals manufactured by PhytaTech.

They’d be playing the part of investigators that strongly suspected another party in the manufacturing chain but still needed to do the due diligence and clear PhytaTech of any wrong doing. Being on their side should make the company’s people more eager to cooperate.

Back in the car, before they’d entered the building, Tammy had given Carmen a quick briefing on what to do in case they ran into any trouble. The gist was Carmen should always be aware of the exits, not do anything unless Tammy did it first and, if things did go south, she should beeline for an exit, lock herself in the car and call the police.

“What if they take my phone?” Carmen had asked, half kidding.

“In that case, you’ll find out why I keep a burner stuffed in my bra,” Tammy had quipped dryly.

* * *

Carmen could tell by Tammy’s body language that she was on high alert almost as soon as they’d stepped through the door. Carmen didn’t have her boss’ instincts or experience but the place seemed sketchy as all get out to her.

The lobby looked like it had been thrown together in less than twenty minutes. Technically, it contained a receptionist’s desk, several waiting chairs and some side tables. But all these things looked like they’d been snatched from a curb before Waste & Recycling had a chance to collect them for disposal.

The woman behind the desk didn’t greet them as they entered, just stared at them with an odd half smile on her face.

Carmen glanced at the stack of magazines on one of the side tables. They all looked to be from the 1980’s. She could see a corner of the bottom magazine sticking out from under the stack. The fishnet-clad woman’s leg and seven inch stiletto pump left little doubt that it was an old porno mag.

Carmen shook her head. This was not the public facing side of a company that did high six figure net profit annually. It just wasn’t. Something was definitely off about all this.

While Tammy conferred with the spacey receptionist in the dingy lobby, Carmen noticed two men walk around a corner and look pointedly at her and Tammy. They traded a glance and then u-turned back to wherever they’d come from, deeper in the building.

Carmen pretended to be inspecting some of the certificates and workplace legal documents displayed on the wall as she wandered to the opposite side of the room and tried to get a peak at where the two men had gone. She heard the squirt of an aerosol can followed by a violent outburst of coughing from Tammy. When Carmen turned to look, Tammy’s hands were clutching at a chair as her legs wobbled. The receptionist had stepped out from behind her desk.

The woman was naked from the waist down. She wore some sort of black harness around her hips. There was a purple vibrating toy belted over her sex. It was buzzing fiercely as she held her hand out towards Tammy’s face. That’s when Carmen spotted the strange mister she was holding.

Carmen was already stepping towards them when the girl pressed the plunger and sprayed Tammy a second time. The mist hit her in the face. As Tammy was turning towards the door, Carmen could see her eyes were drooping and crossed as she fought to stay conscious.

Suddenly, she crumbled into a heap on the floor.

Carmen froze, looking aghast at the woman who simply lowered her arm and stared blankly at nothing. Then, there was a scuffle of feet behind her and a wet bag of some kind was suddenly pulled over Carmen’s head. The inside reeked with a strong chemical odor. Carmen felt her legs quiver as she reflexively took a deep breath and drew the wicked fumes into her lungs.

The last thing she heard before she passed out was the receptionist grunting through a powerful orgasm.

* * *

When Carmen awoke, she was tied to a chair. Her mouth, hands and feet were bound with duct tape. She could turn her body just enough to see that Tammy was in the same condition in a second chair just behind her. Carmen thrashed wildly which helped exactly none. Once she’d fought to the point of exhaustion, she had little choice to but to relax and take stock of the situation.

There was a strange flashing light behind her, on the other side of Tammy’s head. Carmen couldn’t turn enough to see what it was but it was bright enough that it dully lit the walls of the small office they’d been left it.

It was strange but it didn’t matter. All that mattered is that Tammy had a second phone in her bra and Carmen had just enough freedom of movement to reach the duct tape binding her boss’ hands. She rolled her chair closer to Tammy and got to work.

* * *

Carmen’s hands were aching as she pulled the last of the tape free. She rejoiced in muffled vowels as she ripped the gray fabric from Tammy’s wrists and felt the other woman pull her hands free from behind the chair.

Carmen took several deep breaths through her nose, stretching her aching fingers. It had worked! She still couldn’t turn far enough around to see exactly what Tammy was doing but she seemed to be wrestling with her clothes. No doubt trying to get a hand into her shirt for the burner phone.

Carmen wondered if anyone was outside the room they were trapped in. Would they hear Tammy talking on the phone? Maybe Tammy wouldn’t need to say anything. Maybe there was a special number that she could call in an emergency? That sounded like the sort of thing Tammy would do. Set up a phone line strictly for emergency use. If that number rang, it meant to get the cavalry moving.

Strangely, it was in that moment that Carmen was most afraid. Now that she didn’t have anything to occupy her attention, the reality of their predicament finally settled in her mind. They needed to get help immediately. If their captors were prepared to risk a federal beef for kidnapping they might also risk killing witnesses to protect their activities.

Whatever these creeps were up to it must’ve been very, very illegal. What was still fucking with Carmen was the receptionist. She seemed totally disconnected from reality the way she just stared blankly ahead. And what about the sex toy? What the fuck was up with that?

Carmen could vividly remember, just after she’d gassed Tammy, the way her legs trembled as she came. Carmen could almost imagine smelling the other woman’s scent… even over the fumes in the bag that had been used to-

With a start, Carmen realized she wasn’t imagining smelling another woman’s pussy. She was smelling it right here and now in this room. A wet ‘shlick-shlick-shlick’ sound reached her ears and she felt Tammy’s chair rhythmically tapping against hers.

Carmen turned as much as she was able and found Tammy had managed to work a hand inside her pants and was masturbating furiously as she kept staring ahead into the flashing light.

“WhhhhttThhhFfffk!!!” She screamed into the tape covering her mouth.

The sound was enough to get someone’s attention. There was a shuffle from outside and a moment later the door opened. “Get the doc,” the silhouette in the doorway said to someone outside.

Carmen nearly dislocated her shoulder as she tried to rip her arms free of the tape. She jerked in the chair violently left and right until her lungs burned.

The door was pushed wide and a woman entered the room. She wore a white lab coat and had her dark hair done up on her head.

Carmen watched out of the corner of her eye as the woman leaned over and examined Tammy.

“Mmmm, eager thing aren’t you?” she cooed playfully. “If you’re more interested getting yourself off than of getting free then I think we can take you out of here and get you started on the next step.”

She straightened up and turned Tammy’s chair to face her. “What do you think? Should we give your friend here a turn?”

“MmmmmmOooooooggggggMMmmmmph!!!” Tammy moaned behind her gag.

Carmen recoiled in horror. It was a wanton, pleading mewl. The sort of sound she herself had only ever made in the bedroom… after lots and lots of oral.

“Take her,” the woman said.

One of the men from the lobby wheeled Tammy’s chair through the door and out of the room.

Carmen yelped at a sudden pinch in her arm. She looked up as the woman stepped in front of her. She was holding an empty syringe. Carmen looked at her arm as a silky smooth warmth began spreading from where she’d been injected.

The woman watched her with a smirk as Carmen’s head began to wobble on her shoulders and her thighs went slack. “Isn’t it just the best thing you’ve ever felt?” She asked, capping the syringe and dropping into the pocket of her white coat. “It’s even better once we get your heart rate up a bit.”

With that, she reached out and gently caressed Carmen’s nipples through her clothes.

Carmen moaned as her treacherous nubs instantly surged forward and tented the fabric of her dress. The heat spread through her torso leaving a warm erotic glow in its wake as it began moving lower and lower and lower…

Fuck. Oh fuck! Oh fuck me, does that feel good!

“Its more addictive than you can imagine,” the woman said offhandedly as she stroked the flesh of Carmen’s neck.

Carmen shuddered and realized she’d ruin her panties if the evil doctor did that one more time.

Just… one more time. Please just…

“It makes everything that isn’t, an erogenous zone. And, it makes your actual erogenous zones… feel like this.” She took hold of Carmen’s nipples and squeezed them ever so firmly between her thumbs and fingers.

Carmen howled into the gag as molten lust surged along the nerves connecting her nipples to her brain before it raced south and left her sitting in a puddle of her own girl joy.

“There you are,” the woman said with a cheerful smile. “Now you’re ready to sit and watch my special video. It’s going to teach you to be a perfect little slave to me.” She turned the chair around until Carmen was facing the flashing light.

It was a throbbing black and white spiral. There were other things, images and photos, at the edges: awful, hot, depraved, fucking hot things. She wanted to touch her pussy. More than she wanted to be a lawyer. Way more than she wanted to be free. With the drug in her system and her practiced fingers on her throbbing folds… Anything. She’d do anything to feel that.

The woman seemed to read her thoughts. She leaned down and whispered in one ear. “You be good girl and watch it all the way through. Then, I’ll come back and eat your soul…. Through your pussy.” She gently bit Carmen’s earlobe with a chuckle, then left the room.

Carmen helplessly watched the screen as it drilled into her. She could feel it hammering away at things in her mind: who she was, what she believed in, what she valued. It changed her. At first, it wasn’t so bad. She didn’t mind sex being a bigger priority in her life. She didn’t mind a very new and very intense fetish for submission and obedience. She didn’t mind the thought of being addicted to pussy, though she’d never tasted any but her own.

But then, those things were turned against her. The pussy that she was going to be addicted to belonged to the psychopath doctor that had injected her. The fetish for submission would make Carmen helpless to resist even if she hated the woman and her commands. The ”sex” she’d learn to value over everything else in her life wouldn’t be the intimate touch of another person. It would be obedience.

She shrieked and thrashed in the chair. At first it was to free herself. In time though, she struggled only to enslave herself as quickly as possible and earn a hot mouth on her creamy sex.

Director's Commentary

A gem of a source image. Most of the story came to me the moment I saw it. Then, it was just about taking the time to put the words down and do a bit of animation. Very fun little project!


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