If you happened to stop by the site this week you may have already spotted a new manip in the gallery! I’ve been working on a couple of other projects that had to go to the back burner when I stumbled across an amazing gallery of a young red head strapped to a medical table by a dominant blonde attendant.

So, to work I went getting the images just so and trying different ideas within the story to see which combination and sequence of photos would yield the most fun. This series allowed me to do a bunch of different sorts of things in one piece. Many ofย  the techniques involved,ย  I haven’t utilized in years. So, it was quite fun to revisit things like moist skin, liquid and reflections, cables, and (my long time favorite) VR headsets.

Intresetingly, there’s much less Photoshop needed to create VR headsets these days. In years past, I would go to a folder I kept with more than a hundred product shots of googles of all sorts: ski goggles, welding goggles, tactical goggles, and the like. My typical workflow was to find a set that best-matched the angle of the photo manip and then build layers on top of it to create a set of brainwashing goggles.

Now that the “Age of VR” is a year old, suddenly I can replace my old goggle folder with one chock full of actual VR headsets! Its the little things like this that bring me real joy; and also breasts; and beautiful nekkid women staring deep into flickering screens while their eyes begin to droop. And photo sets like this one: the sort where the real fun is trying out all the different possibilities it offers to become naughty, delicious mind control smut.

Please to enjoy.

Green Thoughts

Misha fights the Doctor's programming, but is she already more brainwashed than she realizes?


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    I agree, your fans do need some hypnotizing animations from screens. You are doing great job by making mesmerizing and rhytmical animations.

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      Fritz Herzrasen

      I think you are very very wise … I just thought – by reading – that it would be …sometimes … dreamful, to watch the hypnotizing animations on screens privately. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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