Yes, you read that right. I’m trying something a bit new this time.

Welcome back dear readers!

I have got a few balls in the air right now but this series is one I’ve been tinkering on, quietly, for a little while now and rather than make you all wait until I was finished to read the whole torrid affair… I thought I’d try my hand at an EMCSA style rollout.

So, today is part 1 of a story I’ll be adding to in the future. I’m not sure what the schedule for future parts will be just yet but I have the whole tale mapped out so it will mostly come down to how quickly I can create images to go with the words.

Speaking of trying new things, this story is my very first foray into the venerable hive-infiltration genre of EMC fiction! That seems impossible given that I love those stories as much as I do and yet I’ve only hinted at that in my own work exactly once prior.

The eagle-eyed among you might be able to recall, or track down, the previous manip I’m hinting at. If so… congratulations it now has become part of the canon of this new story and also hints at the events we’ll see in future updates.

I’ve had tremendous fun putting this together. I mean brainwashing gasmasks… what’s not to love? In any case, I’ll look forward to rolling out updates to this story as my work progresses and I’ll certainly be interested to see what you all think of it.

Thanks for reading and, as always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!


A team of highly-trained women try to regroup after their incursion into the hive goes horribly wrong.


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    Wayne C

    Nice Sci-fi-ish story, With an Gorgeous female (in face)as lead, so THOSE are great, It is just too bad the erotica part was not seen, But I will admit there WAS an Mention of some erotica, Via words, but only one sentence…But It IS well-written, With a Nice shock twist…So will Give you a Ten for Well-Written Part, just not in the Hypno-Erotica Part…No offense meant, Callidus! *Raising arms as if saying “No Shade!”* Lol!

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      Wayne C

      Meant to type “But I Will admit there WAS A mention of some erotica”,could not edit….Apologies for The Boner! (50`s Slang for Mess-up,lol!)

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    any chance for a part 2?

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