Hello again!

While I’m not quite getting these update posts written once a week, I am trying to keep you all updated on my progress with the new site theme. Its going very well. In fact, I’m running out of things to do. Throughout most of the process, its been a very satisfying cycle of designing a feature, researching how to achieve it, implementing it, debugging it (when it inevitably fails to work), and then, finally, checking it off the list.

I left that enjoyable sandbox of discovery a couple weeks ago as my focus shifted to optimization. Not just implementing features but implementing them the correct way: reducing database calls and http requests, combining and compressing scripts and style sheets, and on and on. I’m running out of things to do there as well. I’ve done some cross-browser testing across a number of platforms, devices, and screen sizes. Everything is working and looking exactly as its supposed to. Another big checkmark on the list.

At the moment, I’m in data-migration mode. I’ve automated as much of the process as I can but I’m still manually moving data over for a lot of things. The old theme’s way of posting and managing manips and the new one are so different that there’s no simple way to transfer the data from one to the other. Animations take more time than simple photos. Series take more time than anything. I’m about halfway finished with all of the Animation posts as of right now.

There’s more to do. But not much more. Move the last of the data over. Test everything again. Back up everything before I throw the switch. We’re getting close now. I’m comfortable saying that the transition is weeks away at this point. I’m looking forward to having it done and focusing solely on creating new content.

In both the short and long term, I have a lot of ideas that have been building up and I’m anxious to get started on them. See you soon!

Hello again, true believers!

I don’t have a terrifically large amount of news to share with you tonight, however what little I have is quite good. The design phase of the new site theme is 99% finished. The bells and whistles have been added, the layout has been tweaked, the divs have been floated, etc, etc. I would call it “100%,” but I suddenly thought a couple days ago that I might like to have a poll function where I could ask questions of you fine folks and get feedback on things, maybe do contests and such.

Who knows?

I’ve got some research and testing to do this evening that will determine if I go ahead and incorporate it now. It may have to be a feature that comes online down the road. It all depends on how easy it is to work with and incorporate into the existing design of the new theme. So, time will tell.

The next phase is extensive cross-platform testing to make sure the experience is consistent. I’m hopeful that Bootstrap will take care of the heavy lifting there. In fact, the headache of trying to design a theme that worked well across the major browsers and keep that code updated was one of the principle reasons I decided to switch to using a framework in the first place. I started on Foundation (as I think I’d mentioned previously) but ended up with the latest release of Bootstrap. Its a long story that I can tell another time.

theme-teasePoint is, I have testing to do next. Then, I need to consolidate a lot of my code and optimize things to be as fast as possible once its live on the site. Then some data-transfer to handle…and then it might just be finished.

How soon? Sooner than it was the last time we spoke. I won’t give an ETA yet but things are progressing nicely given my ridiculous workload. I’m quite pleased.

I appreciate you all hanging in there and being patient. The wait really is going to be worth it. As a thank you, I thought you might enjoy having a sneak-peak at the new landing page. See you next time!

Greetings once more.

There’s some maxim about announcing your plans if you’d like to hear the universe laugh in reply. Despite my optimism that I’d be back in the swing of things way back in May, life had other ideas. However, the good news is that nothing has really changed except the time table.

While work and freelancing and life have been keeping me very busy, I’ve been determinedly working in the small gaps between those things and, at last, I’m close to having something to show for it. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new site theme, which has been in the works for almost a year at this point.

That may not sound all that sexy but the new theme hosts a number of features I’ve wanted to add for a long time and manages to provide a great viewing experience on mobile screens and desktops alike. It will make it faster and easier to access content, keep track of my progress on upcoming projects, and provides a foundation to build entirely new kinds of erotic mind control content and experiences.

At this point, I’ve nailed down all the major design and feature changes. What remains is to add a few minor bells and whistles; optimize the theme for maximum performance; and to test the design on a lot of browsers across a lot of platforms to make sure its a consistent user experiences.

So when is this going to happen? Well, I’ve had enough of the universe laughing as of late so I’m just going to say “as soon as its done.” The good news is that I’ve made tremendous progress this week. The other good news is that I think the best way to celebrate the new theme is to release a whole bunch of new manip content to go along with it!

So stay tuned, fun stuff is on the way.

Well its been another month without an update. Dammit. The problem isn’t lack of effort so much as lack of completion. I’ve been whittling away on a few things but have nothing to show for it…yet. So, I thought I’d post a little something so you don’t think I’m slipping back into the abyss of 2016. Let’s catch up shall we?

An experienced adventurer crosses paths with the seductive members of a ancient cult.
This twice-teased tale continues to coalesce. I’ve finished four images for it right now but I may end up reworking one of them. I’ve recently come across a photo series that has a similar vibe and may actually work a bit better. But I’ll have to play with things a bit to see if the gains justify re-doing the work.

The story itself hasn’t evolved too much since I last spoke about it. I just need to finish writing the final chapter and then polish it a bit.

A software engineer working for a social media company discovers their system is infested with a naughty piece of malware.
This is a new story (sort of) that I’ll be rolling out this year. Its an adaption of something I did as a commission piece. The story has been tweaked and updated a bit from its original form and I’ve found a series of images that match with it terrifically. I have some more work to do on the animations but the writing itself is complete.

I’ve actually been using this series to help test the new site theme I’ve been working on. Which leads me to…

New Website Theme
I teased last year that I was going to give the website a modern, mobile-first, facelift. I think I said it would be done by the end of the year. *facepalm* So its not done, although at one time it was 99% done but then Bootstrap put out a new alpha version of Bootstrap 4 and it had some features I really wanted to incorporate. You know how these things go.

So, where things stand now is this: the new theme for manip pages is 95% done. I have some slight design tweaking to do and I want to try out one javascript plugin that might solve a problem I’ve been having. But the design itself is pretty much locked down. Moving forward, manips will read very nicely on mobile devices and I’ve changed the way that series are displayed to make a better and more consistent experience across different devices.

I have a lot of the other design worked finished as well: the front page is 80% done, the blog is about 90% finished. What is still very much in flux is the podcast page and then the design for the individual episodes. I’ve got a slick plugin that I’m testing that will allow me to create a topic list and link to that time index on the audio player. So, say you want to listen to the interview that episode, just click the link in the episode’s description and the player will skip right to it.

I know what I want the page to do, but it needs some work with regard to what it will all look like both on desktop and mobile screens. So that’s a bit of a bottle neck right now. Work continues but I’m hoping for some flash of inspiration for the design. Right now I’m just trying things to see if something jumps out at me and, so far, nothing has.

I’ve recorded an interview for an upcoming video on The Anax’s YouTube channel. Not sure when it will be posted but I’ll certainly link here once it is. Some good questions and, hopefully, some fun anecdotes from yours truly. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s it for this time. Let me know if you like the idea of this update post becoming a regular thing. Or, if you’d rather I just hold off posting until I actually have something completed. I’m curious to know what people think.

And, I’m back. Its been nearly a year since my unintended hiatus began but I’m very happy to be with you once again discussing the smexiest mind control goodies to be found anywhere. In this episode, I’ll talk about the terrific art of Sleepy Gimp, issue eleven of the tremendous CORE 3D comic, show where to find the best hypo-kink on Tumblr, fill you in on the Two Hyp Chicks podcast, and discuss my latest manip, Failsafe, as well as give you a preview on my upcoming mind control projects.

All this plus part two of my epic conversation with the brilliant erotic mind control fiction author Jukebox and his hypo-kinky companion the one, and only, Lady Ruetha!

Download MP3

Topic Links:
Sleepy Gimp
CORE #11
Scarlettred912’s Not Official List of Hypnosis Stuff on Tumblr
Two Hyp Chicks Podcast

Hello again.

wip-teaseWell the past couple of weeks have been a jam packed sort of thing for me. However, I’m back at the keyboard this evening, catching up on email and doing a bit of animation work to boot. So, I thought I’d post an update on my recent activities for you all.

Firstly, I’ve finished a new animation this evening. Or at least the actual animation part. I came across the image recently and felt inspired so I went ahead and knocked out the graphic work.

The final version should be very fun, especially if you’re an enthusiast of girl-butt. Leg fans might be in good shape as well. I haven’t started writing anything yet though I have a few ideas on where to start things. Hopefully, I’ll have a little time to tackle that next week. In the meantime, enjoy this little tease:

I’m also preparing the next episode of The Black Room podcast and I’m hoping that will be out next week. That episode will feature the second and final part of my interview with the brilliant author Jukebox, a director’s commentary on my recent animation Treatment Program, and a few other recommendations for your web browser to blush over.

I mentioned last time that I had just recorded a very fun interview and that I’d elaborate a bit more. I had the pleasure of speaking with a very talented fetish producer and performer called Meana Wolf. Ms Wolf has a very popular Clips4Sale store and a healthy amount of her content has some erotic mind control flavor.

While she doesn’t consider herself an EMC fetishist, she has written about discovering her enjoyment for creating erotic hypnosis videos. Her clips feel like they come from outside of the EMC community. I don’t see the overt influence of the more popular or influential Hypnodommes the way I do in other videos of this sort.

Also, I love that not all over her videos aren’t strictly Domme-mind-controls-viewer fare. She’s done a couple where she mind controls another female performer that I found especially yummy. She also has done some peripheral subject matter like Succubi and Vampires.

I think what really sets her apart is her obvious talent as a writer and performer. She really enjoys what she’s doing and that passion shines through in her videos. I’d recommend checking her site out now and be on the lookout for our conversation later this month on the podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, I’ve been thinking recently about the release cycle and how frustrating it must be to get an episode then wait a month or five for the next show. I’ve been thinking about switching to a cycle similar to a series/season of a tv show. I would produce maybe ten complete episodes then release them over ten weeks. Then, the show would be on hiatus until the next ten were ready, and so forth.

I’d love to hear some feedback on this. As I’m frustrated by the infrequency of shows and I imagine listeners are as well. Perhaps this would be a better model for all concerned.

Well, that’s all for me. I’m off to enjoy the weekend. Hope its a fun time for all of you. See you next time!

Greetings all! Well the week has been productive enough though its still going to be a little while before you fine folks will be able to enjoy all the things I have brewing.

I’ve been able to do a little writing on the epic, lengthy, and squick-i-licious animation I’ve mentioned previously. Its one of those frustrating situations where I know, more or less, what I want to do with the writing, I just haven’t had the time to really sit down and work on it at length.

Speaking of length, I’ve received a few very nice notes on the lengthy story attached to Treatment Program. I’m glad people enjoy seeing that kind of material from me as I certainly enjoy creating it. It wasn’t that long ago that I would’ve scoffed at creating ‘short fiction.’ It just seemed such a lofty goal in comparison to the humble endeavors of my caption work. But, as time has worn on, I seem to write a bit more and a bit more with every new piece. And, I must say I enjoy letting my imagination run free.

The changes I’ve made to my website theme have been especially helpful in breaking out of the confines my caption work has traditionally been in. In the past, the caption text needed to appear as part of the image; arranged beside or below the action. That worked fine for the most part but as I transitioned to creating animations, that method became problematic. Bigger dimensions mean bigger files and longer page load times. Uncoupling the text from the image solved that problem while also giving me the freedom to write as much as I like.

Between you and I, its also been wonderful to go back and be able to fix misspellings by simply tweaking a page on my site. 😉

Speaking of tweaking my site, I’ve been doing a bit of work behind the scenes lately. One project was to write a plugin that would drastically cut down on the amount of time required to create a new manip page. So I brushed up on my php skills a bit and spent several days last week banging out the necessary code. The final product is mostly invisible to the viewer, but it makes things -much- easier to manage on my side.

In the course of doing that, I needed to make some adjustments to my site’s theme, which turned out to be easier said than done. The theme I’m currently using was selected as a time saving measure. When I began using it, Google had mandated that, in order to maintain their search rankings, all sites needed to be mobile-ready. I didn’t have time to update my custom theme so I selected an off-the-shelf theme I could live with and saved my site’s search rank.

But now, I’m thinking its time to move on. The theme’s author intended it to look a certain way and hasn’t made it easy to change some things I’d like to change. Rather than fighting with a theme that was only ever meant to be a stop-gap, I’ve decided to start working on a new, modern custom theme of my own.

In order to speed that process along, I’ve started exploring the world of responsive frameworks and SASS, an extension language of traditional CSS. I’ve settled on Foundation as the framework for my new theme and have already completed a rudimentary prototype.

Its been a fun learning experience getting to know these tools and, sometime later this year, I’ll be rolling out an updated website that looks more like I always wanted it to while also looking and performing great on mobile devices.

I also recorded a very fun interview earlier this evening that will be showing up soon on The Black Room podcast. I promise I’ll tell you all about that next time!

Greetings everyone!

treatment-programWelcome back. As promised, I have a new bit of naughtiness for you all to enjoy.

When a woman calls a phone-sex operator to indulge her fetish for large breasts, the Dominatrix who answers knows just how to use it against her.

Enjoy Treatment Program and read on below for my director’s commentary.

I think we established many years ago that I’m a large breast enthusiast. I’m especially intrigued by women who share my fascination. It turns me on that it turns them on. I have a couple of good vanilla-friends, both women, who have enthusiastically talked about breasts being a serious hot-button for them. Even though one is bi and the other very much straight, they both agree with me that large breasts are fucking sexy.

Now, I wasn’t exactly thinking about all that when I saved the above image. Pictures with laptops typically make for good raw material so I usually grab those whenever I see them. Fast-forward a bit and I stumbled across the image on my hard drive a few months ago and had a flash of inspiration. Whereas I typically have a woman being entranced by what she’s watching on a laptop. I thought it would be a sexy twist to turn the tables and show the hypnotized girl on the screen.

I’ve been hard at work on smut recently. I’ve got a series of commission pieces I’m working on, I’m pondering on and collecting material for a long-gestating collaboration with thrall, and I’ve got new animations in the pipe. The first of which, will be unveiled on Friday, June 3rd.

Now, this is not the squicky follow-up to Worm that I teased on the podcast. I’m still writing on that. I have a clear path of where I want to take the story. But, I reached the first major scene and I want to get it right so bad, I stopped writing it entirely. I get that way sometimes. Especially when I feel like the whole, or best version of the, idea hasn’t shaken loose yet. Which is now.

While I wait on that, I’ve put fingers to keys and written about 1500 words on the manip for this weekend. The animation has been finished for months now. But, I didn’t have a surge of inspiration for the story back then and so on the shelf it has sat.

I’ve already done a first pass at editing, which took the word count down to about 900. It was feeling a bit indulgent but, more so, I want to save some of those ideas for another manip-in-progress where I think they’ll fit in better. So, I’ve got a bit of polishing to do, which I’ll get to today or tomorrow.

Bring your imagination, leave your pants, and I’ll see you on Friday!

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out Tabico’s new blog: Tabico Secret Files. This post was directly inspired by her recent updates and I hope to follow her example by making blogging here a habit instead of an occasional threat.